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    General Ideas for other Orcish religions/cultures that are alternatives to the Gruumshite religion

    I could definitely see them as some sort of nature-spirit based animism. The wind has a spirit, the trees have spirits, the mountain has a spirit-- basically everything has spirits-- the spirits have desires and desire certain things to be done. In return, a small handful of special orcs can...
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    General Baldur's Gate 3 Early Access

    Ruling out anything just means it is best for me to wait until community mods. The fact that Drow and Githyanki are options but any sort of Orc or Goblinoid is the kind of thing that I dislike. I totally get that there are a ton of elf fans out there, but one doesn't build fanbases for other...
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    General Baldur's Gate 3 Early Access

    I will try this game when there is a mod that allows one to play as a hobgoblin or orc (even half-orc). Since it is very obvious the actual studio won't release such options. Until then, as impressive as the videos I have watched look, I kind of feel excluded from enjoying this.
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    5E Ideas for Custom Races (using the upcoming Tasha's Cauldron rules)

    Hmm... Choose Constitution as the secondary attribute, choose Athletics and maybe Stealth as your skills-- almost makes for a better Hobgoblin than that wizard-focused interpretation in Volo's Guide. I think the idea here would be if you were in a campaign world where anyone can breed with...
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    5E Ideas for Custom Races (using the upcoming Tasha's Cauldron rules)

    Why no Hobgoblin on this list? Naturally I want a half-Hobgoblin, a Half-Fiend Hobgoblin, a half-Celestial Hobgoblin, a Hobgoblin/Elf crossbreed and a Hobgoblin/Orc crossbreed.
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    5E Official Power Rangers 5th Edition D&D RPG in the Works

    I wonder how they will implement the whole aspect about the colors usually reflecting the personalities. Red is generally the leader Black is generally the overall best but tends to be a loner and destined for a dark fate Pink is the stereotypical girl and considered the heart/caretaker Blue is...
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    Worlds of Design: Escaping Tolkien

    I believe I implied that quite clearly in my original post. You make a world that is completely alien with completely alien races that cannot be compared to the standard Tolkien races without really stretching things and.... congratulations, you've made something that no one is going to be able...
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    Worlds of Design: Escaping Tolkien

    No-- I haven't-- and a quick internet search bringing up only the same copy and pasted blurb about the setting tells me that barely anyone else ever has either. Which is precisely my point. I would say it falls under category 3 where they tried to make everything so alien but didn't have any...
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    Worlds of Design: Escaping Tolkien

    I think the issue is that one of three things happens when you try to move away from Tolkien in terms of the denizens of the world. 1) They just make a "big, strong guys warrior" race, a "little people" race and a "thin, magic" race and usually there are bad guys who are a "beast race", though...
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    5E The Gnelf Player Race for D&D 5e!!!

    I guess what I was most focused on was the whole maturing like a normal human.... Also... mature like a normal human but live up to 625 years? That is horrific. Not many humans past 90 are even able to walk under their own power and these guys are going to get many times more degraded than that...
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    5E Which three classic settings do you hope for?

    Forgotten Realms has become almost the default game world for D&D 5E. Ravenloft has also already been brought back. I am not sure to what extent I would say Greyhawk ever went anywhere, but frankly-- it felt like Greyhawk never had anything unique or special to it anyway that would make it worth...
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    OSR Guns for old school D&D

    I feel like if you just used the same stats as crossbows, it would work out better than this. We have crossbows in 3 sizes, so that should do it for pistol, rifle and musket. But crossbows are also known for reloading slowly, not requiring a great amount of skill to use it and packing a similar...
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    5E The Gnelf Player Race for D&D 5e!!!

    Huh-- they get no benefit from the long-life that elves do?
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    TSR TSR's War on Fans

    I would venture to guess that, as the internet was new in those days, that TSR simply hired a law firm to slap down copyright infringement and the law firm was quite zealous in sending out such letters as they would ultimately get paid based on how many cases they generated. It seems like TSR...
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    TSR TSR's War on Fans

    That's all fine and good, but when you are dealing with "fans are posting online every number and every table and most of the passages of text of the books we print online for free and likely making them more accessible, interactive and easier to navigate than they are in our actual book" how...
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    TSR TSR's War on Fans

    I wonder if anyone is really surprised that companies have been sending out cease-and-desist letters against online fan content for as long as the internet has been around. Even sometimes sending it out to the wrong people. Although-- in the interest of fairness-- you don't really have the...
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    5E Too Many PC Races With Darkvision? (a Poll)

    I think part of the issue is that there should be two very distinct kinds of "see in the dark" types. There should be those who live on the surface but are likely primarily nocturnal and so can get around in low-light conditions and those who live underground or deep underwater where they just...
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    5E Halfling "Monster" Stat-block

    You should do the same thing that was done for the Goblin, Hobgoblin, Kobold and Orc in the book-- give them some sort of battle ability that is similar (or even identical) to a 1st/2nd level PC class ability, whichever class they are would most likely be. Otherwise-- its just not really all...
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    General Elves, Dwarves, Gnomes and Halflings of Color

    I cannot possibly express just how utterly sick to death I am of people demanding elves of every single color under the rainbow super optimized to be the best at every single class in the game. Like-- seriously-- I wonder sometimes why other races even exist in the game as everyone always wants...
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    Where's the American Fantasy RPG?

    I think D&D has some very American aspects to it that are being quite overlooked here. Many D&D worlds are about reclaiming a world that has some history to it, where treasure from previous inhabitants is hidden everywhere, and you are going from the ever-expanding bastions of civilization into...