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    Looking for a ride.

    I'm looking for an appropriately powerful mount for my Planetar Paladin/Sorcerer (it's a high powered game). From any WotC source, what's a Huge Animal, Magical Beast, or Good Outsider less than 14HD that can be ridden and has a fly speed?
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    How to Disrupt a Wedding

    So I've got this plan for an adventure. The setting is basically George RR Martin's Song of Ice and Fire, specifically the Riverlands roughly ten years before King Robert's War. Lord Hoster Tully has decided to force a wedding between Tytos Blackwood and Marianne Bracken, to end their historic...
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    Ring of Spell Storing

    This little dispure about the Ring of Spell Storing came up. One player argues that the Ring can only hold spells at the lowest CL, judging by this section in the SRD. <quote>A minor ring of spell storing contains up to three levels of spells that the wearer can cast. Each spell has a caster...
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    Blasphemy et al and the Cleric

    What happens if a non-evil cleric cast Blasphemy or any of the similar spells. Does he suffer the full effects of the spell?
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    Coup de Grace and Power Attack

    I know that this has been flamewared across the forums and back, but can you Power Attack on a Coup de Grace?
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    Mighty Composite Longbows, am I reading this right?

    I recently upgraded to 3.5, and one of the things I noticed while flipping through the books is that Mighty Composite Longbows are no longer limited to +4 Str, but can instead accomodate theoretically unlimited bonues to damage, as long as you can pay 100 gp per point of Str Bonus. Is there...
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    [Online] D&D3.5 Arena

    I run an online arena game at www.rpol.net, and I'm looking for more players. We currently have 4 in various stages of character creation, and I'm hoping for a few more. Characters start at 15th, and we use Core Rules only. The Proving Grounds
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    Verbal Spell Underwater

    Can spellcasters use verbal spells underwater? Let's say a group of townfolk tie up a wizard and throw him in the pond to see if he's a witch. He starts to sink, and to escape, he casts Teleport. Does he get the spell off?
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    3E/3.5 [3e] Keen Bow + Keen Arrows

    I know that this has been discussed to death on the boards, but do Keen Arrows and Keen Bows stack, or does only one of the two apply?
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    Stop this cheesy mage tactic.

    How would a high level fighter type stop a high level mage from Teleporting in and hitting him with Imprisionment on a tactical scale assuming that raising touch AC was not an option?
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    Falling Creatures

    I know I saw somewhere that Summoned creatures must be summoned in a position capable of supporting them, eg elephants on land, whales in the water, and bird in the sky. You can't summon a certain aquatic mammal in the air above above an enemy to use it as a giant blubber bomb. Can anybody...
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    I have a character who has picked up a lot of ranks in intimidate, and I have no idea what can be done with intimidate. Depending on the interpretation, Intimidate can be one of the most powerful skills in the game, or basically useless. Any advice on how to adjucate this?
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    See Invisability, Cone?

    How exactly does See Invisibilty work. It is a cone spell, so does it create a cone and any invis creatures in it are revealed, does this cone move with the caster, or does it simply mean the caster can only check a certain arc? I'd perfer that this spell be rewritten with a Target of...
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    Bull Rushing Down

    What happens if I'm above an opponent and cast Bigby's Forceful Hand. Are they prevented from moving any direction unless they bullrush the hand away? Are they pinned, and what happens if I move to ground level? I'm making a wizard who uses the Hand a lot, and I need some advice on these...
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    When can I use Iaijustsu Focus?

    I know I can use Iaijustsu Focus against a flatfooted opponent, and probably against a helpless one, but can I also use against an opponent that is denied his Dexterity bonus to AC, such as a stunned enemy?
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    New way to do Sub-Race Ability Bonuses

    This is a new method for any time you want to differentiate between cultures with very different priorities, but don't want to assign bonuses or penalties because that would imbalance the game. Just add some rules that all characters of this culture must put their stats in an order that follows...
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    Deactivating Command Items

    Do I need a Standard, ME, or Free action to turn off command items? What about Boots of Speed and similar, can I use the action gained from the item to turn it off? Thanks
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    Roleplaying, Character Name or 'I'

    When you roleplay, is it better to say "[Insert Character Name] attacks." or "I attack." Please discuss.
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    Kobold HP

    I notice that a standard Kobold has 1/2 d8 hp. If I were to make a second level Kobold, would he have 2 1/2 d8? How about a Kobold Fighter, 1/2 d10 hp? Opinions?
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    White Walker

    Not based on a Song of Ice and Fire at all :). White Walker Medium sized Outsider (Cold, Evil) Hit Dice: 33 (6d8+6) Initiative: +4 (dex) Speed: 20 ft AC 18 (+4 Dex, +4 natural) Attacks: Longsword +9/4 Damage: Longsword 1d8+3+1d6 Cold Face/Reach 5 ft by 5ft/5ft Special Attack: Spell-like...