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    5E Epic Level Adventures/Mini Campaigns?

    My PCs have requested that instead of stopping soon after hitting level 20 they would like to actually play level 20 characters for a longish adventure or mini-campaign. I can't say I have ever run an epic level campaign, I usually stop at level 20 (or equivalent) before really exploring...
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    5E Inspiration for a Mounted Boss Fight?

    Hi all, My PCs are going up against a mounted combatant. I wondered if there were any examples in D&D history I could steal for this encounter - especially 4e since it did these kind of combats the best. Thanks.
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    General Looking for a City Adventure built on a cliff or deep pit?

    I vaguely recall there was an Eberron adventure like this during 3rd edition days but I can't recall its name or find it. But open to any suggestions really through the history of D&D. Thanks.
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    PAX 2009 Dungeon Delve

    Does anyone know where I can get a copy of the 2009 UDD run at PAX? I got half-way through it and would like to know what the last 3 encounters are. I would also like to run it for friends who didnt go to the UDD. Thanks.
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    Famous Werewolves in D&D?

    D&D has some various types of (in)famous monsters. Strahd jumps to mind straight away for example. However has there ever been a famous werewolf? I cant recall any but happy to be corrected.
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    Totally Arbitrary Campaign Setting

    This is my first 3.5 game. The last time I played dnd was over 10 years earlier and it was 1e. So be gentle. This post contains the player background information. We usually only have 1 long session a month. So each part represents a month of real time passing. Players started at level 10...
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    Castle Greyhawk?

    I am trying to dig up a copy of Castle Greyhawk by Gary. I assume this one (linked) is not the original one published by TSR/GG? http://www.svgames.com/tsr9222esd.html I got interested in getting my hands on a copy after reading mention of it and how much people enjoyed it on the massive "Ask...