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  1. Psion

    PF1E Looking for ideas - the "Mad Architect"

    As is often the case when I start planning out adventures, I am finding that planning too far in advance turns out to be a waste. I was planning on having the players explore a ruined temple on their way to other cities for other reasons. I pictured a temple that fell during the Godswar...
  2. Psion

    [Saturday PM] FLASHPOINT: The Scorpio Enclave (Spycraft) (Spots available...)

    FLASHPOINT is an elite multi-agency task force created to react quickly where their sponsor agencies could not. FLASHPOINT has been successful in stopping three major disasters to date, and uncovered the machinations of THE FORTRESS, a coalition of rogue elements within America's military...
  3. Psion

    Swashbuckling in Freeport! (Adventure Help)

    So anyone a Freeport fan here? 7th Sea/Swashbuckling Adventure Fans could help, too. Or anyone with a good eye for a plot. I'm porting the Swashbuckling Adventure adventure "Four and Twenty Blackbirds" to Freeport (I'm using Fantasy Craft, but that's really not important here.) The adventure is...
  4. Psion

    Adamant's Tome of Secrets: How has it aged?

    Adamant's Tome of Secrets has been out for a year now. Some of you may have been using it. Some of you may have even looked at similar classes in the new APG (Knight/Cavalier, frex). Some of you might have even played some of this material alongside each other. Any impressions on how Adamant's...
  5. Psion

    Saturday PM: River of Worlds - Masks of the Faceless (Fantasy Craft)

    The crew of the Emerald Crown has plied the inter-planar waters of the River of Worlds for years now, under the steely command of the mysterious Captain Milaena. Now they escort their charge to the bustling trade-port of Dragonwatch Harbor. Tying up to the pier cannot come a moment too soon, as...
  6. Psion

    Sunday AM: Rocket Corps - Return to Jupiter (FATE/SotC)

    With Nazi forces on the run, the Interplanetary War is drawing to a close. The brave members of the Rocket Corps patrols the newly established Jovian Control Zone, where US Army Rocket Corps fleets scour the moons for the last remnants of Axis forces. At Science Station Ganymede, War Department...
  7. Psion

    PM: Off the Edge of the Map (Fantasy Craft) (OPEN SPOTS!)

    Inhabitants of the Sword Isles are no strangers to seafaring. But the crew and passengers of the Emerald Crown are about to set sail via the most unusual venue, for the River or Worlds is no mere sea that the Sword Islanders know. It is the primordial ocean from which the gods themselves drew...
  8. Psion

    SUN AM - Twilight Dominion (Fantasy Craft)

    Twilight Dominion is a Sword & Sorcery campaign set in a world in its dying days. Cataclysms brought forth by clashing stars and powers unleashed by mighty wars of ancient empires of man have laid the old civilizations low. Vestiges of the ancient race of man still struggle to survive in a world...
  9. Psion

    PF1E SAT AM - The Pathfinder Experiment (Pathfinder RPG)

    The Pathfinder RPG is Paizo's derivative of the 3.5 rules, with one stated goal being compatibility. But how well does it play, and how compatible is it really? This is the question I am trying to answer in The Pathfinder Experiment. For this game, I will select an adventure published for the...
  10. Psion

    PF1E Blurb Needed - What is Pathfinder

    Hey all, I hope I can tap your writing expertise here. I am running The Pathfinder Experiment at a gameday next month, and need a short (1 paragraph ... 3-4 sentences) blurb explaining to folks browsing the entries what pathfinder is, in an enticing an informative way.
  11. Psion

    PF1E The Pathfinder Experiment, Part I: Tide of Evil

    Greetings, ENWorld fellows. I thought I'd share my little "experiment" with you all. The motivation behind this little project is to address some criticisms and concerns regarding how well Pathfinder addresses its design goal of compatibility with the D20 3.5 rules. As stated during the run up...
  12. Psion

    Fantasy Craft released (in PDF...)

    Alright, I know Pathfinder is the big hype, but Fantasy Craft is another fantasy alternative out there, and the PDF is out now. The hardcopy MAY be out by GenCon, but the pdf is here: http://enworld.rpgnow.com/product_info.php?products_id=63884&filters=0_0_0_0&manufacturers_id=341 This is...
  13. Psion

    [Fri 1:30-6:00] FLASHPOINT: The Secret of Smith Island (Spycraft 2.0)

    MEET AT THE EMBASSY On Wednesday, I'll be running an early game of Spycraft 2.0. Show up to GenCon early for action! subterfuge! explosions! sneakiness! supernatural horrors from beyond*. This will be a continuation of last year's FLASHPOINT plotline, though it is not necessary to have played...
  14. Psion

    [Wed 1:30-6:00] FLASHPOINT: The Secret of Smith Island (Spycraft 2.0)

    THE START/END TIMES ON THIS ONE ARE FLEXIBLE MEET @ EMBASSY LOBBY On Wednesday, I'll be running an early game of Spycraft 2.0. Show up to GenCon early for action! subterfuge! explosions! sneakiness! supernatural horrors from beyond*. This will be a continuation of last year's FLASHPOINT...
  15. Psion

    Afternoon: [SotC/FATE] Rocket Corps: Escape From Jupiter!

    When a strange phenomenon pulled the brave men and women of the US Rocket Corps off of the Rocketship Liberty off of their ship, they could not possibly have known they would end up in an alien world beneath the clouds of Jupiter. As they learned about their exotic environment and met alien...
  16. Psion

    ID Adventures - MIA?

    Anyone know what's up with ID Adventures? I had stashed away Loot 4 Less Volume 3 for my last big d20 buy and... their whole product line disappeared from DTRPG/RPGnow. They still have some titles up on e23, but not Loot 4 Less Volume 3. :(
  17. Psion

    Advanced Bestiary

    Advanced Bestiary is the first in a series of "advanced core books" by Green Ronin with names and topics corresponding to the D&D core books. Advanced Bestiary is written by Matthew Sernett (author of Green Ronin’s Plot & Poison and Dragon magazine editor.) The Advanced Bestiary is principally a...
  18. Psion

    Simple Harry Potter style wand HR

    I was planning a new game for my daughter, theoretically a "wizard academy" sort of affair. Low level D&D characters don't "parse up" as fine as the students at Hogwart's do, but I'm not so concerned about that; class stuff can be handled in the background. But stylistically, I'd like wands as...
  19. Psion

    2e Boxed Sets (Forked Thread: When did I stop being WotC's target audience?)

    This deserves a fork: Forked from: When did I stop being WotC's target audience? I still keep my small selection of 2e boxed sets close at hand for gaming, and still use them today. Some weren't so great (I understand I didn't miss much by missing things like the Horde boxed set.) But I...
  20. Psion

    Castle Shadowcrag - Anyone run it?

    Has anyone run Castle Shadowcrag yet? Main reason I ask is I'm curious about how long it took you to run. I'm tempted to run it over the next 2 sessions for Halloween, but 96 pages with exotic elements seems a bit long for 2 4-5 hour sessions. And to make it thread worthy, any have any...