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  1. Greyson

    General Ed Greenwood: How The Realms Began

    The Forgotten Realms is a fantastic setting for D&D and always has been. It's open-ended nature has been perfect for every edition of the game. Though I did not discover game play in the Realms till 4th Edition, I went back and looked at all that the setting has offered over the years...
  2. Greyson

    General Ed Greenwood: How The Realms Began

    Greenwood certainly deserves an abundance of credit for the allure, diversity and charm of the Forgotten Realms. It has been an amazing setting for Dungeons & Dragons over the decades. I have loved playing and DMing in that playground (the ill-conceived Spellplague is the exception). But gosh...
  3. Greyson

    WizKids Elemental Evil miniatures boosters

    Why put clear "ultra rare" minis in these booster packs? I got a forest gnome ranger and had to look it up to see if it was a mistake or not! Apparently, it's ultra rare. I was ultra disappointed.
  4. Greyson

    4E Reply if you love 4e

    Love D&D 4E So far we are sticking with D&D 4E. Using Adventure Tools to create and modify creatures in mere moments is a big win for me. And being able to export the creature9s) to D&D4E Combat Manager is a huge bonus. Love the Character Builder, too. It's not perfect, but we can get...
  5. Greyson

    4E 4E Compatible Mass Combat Rules

    I have the same question - what mass combat system allows characters to command and participate in a larger battle? My campaign is at a point where the characters may command large contingents against the North Province as it boils over the Flinty Hills in our converted Red Hand of Doom...
  6. Greyson

    4E Paizo and 4e.

    Nice "anti 4th Edition" Gloss Thankfully, Mr. Mona has come to ENWorld, again, to make a shorter post that does not lose the attention of the less focused reader, to explain the facts about Paizo's looming decision. The world is waiting on Wizards of the Coast to release information conducive...
  7. Greyson

    Speed Conversion

    Hey, all. What does a Speed 12 equate to in v.3.5 terms? While flipping through Dragon 241, it noted that a creature moved at "Speed 12." Dragon 241 was from November 1997, so I imagine it was using AD&D 2nd Edition stats. Thanks, sorry to bother you guys withthis.
  8. Greyson

    4E Who else is going to be a deserter when 4e comes out?

    It's A Rumor Yes, I'd have to say that 4th Edition is a rumor. Just gossip to fragment the D&D community and stir up the internecine flaming amongst gamers. I am sceptical about the notion of a pending 4th Edition and certainly don't believe it is any time soon. Happy gaming.