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    How to organize a gaming group?

    My gaming group has had a group on Facebook for quite a while. It's been mostly practical, seeing as Facebook has been pretty ubiquitous. But as of late, some of the players have expressed a desire to get off Facebook for various reasons, and I can't really fault them for that seeing as...
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    Stephen Colbert playing D&D with Matt Mercer

    Yes. It happened. Matt Mercer went to New York to play some D&D with Stephen Colbert for Red Nose Day, a charity thing for ending child poverty. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=3658C2y4LlA Stephen seems to have enjoyed it.
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    Suggestions for connected themes

    So, I'm currently running Princes of the Apocalypse. We're maybe a third through it so far, so its end is likely fairly far into the future, but I like to plan ahead so I can let ideas stew in my mind for a bit. Right now, I have this vague idea that I want the next campaign to feature some...
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    5E Backgrounds

    In the AMA, Mearls hinted pretty heavily that we'd see some sort of branching out to different settings over the course of 2018. This gave me an idea for a thing I'd very much like to see in a setting-focused book, assuming there's enough space: new backgrounds. The backgrounds in the PHB are...
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    Broken link

    With the integration of Star Wars/Star Trek RPG-related questions in the General RPG forum, the link to the forum at the top of the right-hand sidebar is broken. It goes to a page (http://www.enworld.org/forum/forumdisplay.php?531-Star-Wars-Gaming-%28-Trek%29) that gives the error message...
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    5E Short rest house rule

    I've noticed that it's often hard for PCs to take a short rest, since doing so takes about an hour. Either things are too busy to rest at all, or they're quiet enough that they can just as well take a short rest. If my group had had access to rope trick, things might have been different, but...
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    4E Thing I thought 4e did better: Monsters

    While I think 5e on the whole is a lot better than 4e, it is somewhat lacking in the monster department. There are three main things I think 4e did better with monsters: 1. Ramping up humanoids. In 5e, pretty much every natural humanoid monster is an appropriate monster for 1st level characters...
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    5E Dawn War pantheon lore?

    I'm thinking about using the Dawn War (aka the 4e) pantheon for a homebrew. Were there ever any good information sources on these released, other than the extremely skimpy information in the 4e PHB/DMG? I saw that there was a bit more in Divine Power, but that seemed to be more about "these...
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    5E 5e Rakshasa weak?

    Since half of Vox Machina fought a rakshasa last episode, I took a closer look at the monster... and found it pretty underwhelming. I mean, it's sneaky as heck, and pretty tough with its immunity to non-magical weapons as well as any spell of 6th level or lower. But it has a pretty glaring...
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    "Aw snap" error on Wheaton article

    Hello, I am unable to read the article at http://www.enworld.org/forum/content.php?2497-Wheaton-s-Game-Putting-Together-The-Clues! . When I try, Chrome starts rendering the page and then immediately throws up an "Aw snap, something went wrong" error message. I do not get the same error on other...
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    Bardificer - An Eberron-style Artificer based on the Bard class

    I have just uploaded Bardificer - An Eberron-style Artificer based on the Bard class to the downloads area. Like many others, I was not happy with the artificer-as-wizard-tradition offered by Wizards of the Coast, because I thought it was too far off what the Eberron artificer was in 3e. So I...
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    5E Semi-sandbox product I'd love to see

    I've been giving this some thought, and this is what I've come up with. I'd love to see a product featuring the following: * A central town acting as a base for adventurers. * The surrounding area described in quite a lot of detail, in a radius of maybe 50 miles (about 2 days' travel, more in...
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    UA Unearthed Arcana is Here - and it's all about EBERRON!

    Probably Dragonlance. Does Greyhawk have any particular crunchy player bits that aren't covered by the PHB already?
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    5E Common rules mistakes

    So, the PHB has been out for 5-6 months or so by now. What are some of the more common rules mistakes/misconceptions/questions that have come up in that time? I'll start with some: * You can't combine casting a spell as a bonus action with casting another spell in the same round, unless the...
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    Is this the place to report that CM is down?

    And have been for a couple of hours. If not, where is?
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    So twisted, he needs a corkscrew to put his robes on in the morning

    The WOTC site has an article up about the history of D&D starter sets. That's all well and good, but to top it off the article ends with 4e stats for everyone's favorite evil magic-user, Bargle. Oh, and I have one shiny XP for the first person to post where the quote in the thread title comes from.
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    Why there's crafting in WOW and not in D&D

    Forked from: Just played my first 4E game The reason you can have a "more robust and flexible" crafting system in WoW than in D&D is that the WoW system is centered around grinding materials. For example, in order to make a Thorium Rifle, you need: 2 Mithril Tubes 6 Mithril Bars 6 Mithril...
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    Big pictures

    Every now and then, someone posts a picture that's way too big for its own good, which stretches the table layout enough to necessitate sideways scrolling back and forth. Over at CM, there's some kind of plugin that resizes big picture in order to prevent that. Would it be possible to install...
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    4E 4e attack icons font

    Hi! I remember someone made a font that had the 4e attack icons ( :bmelee: :melee: :ranged: :close: :area: ) in it and posted it. However, I recently wiped most of my stuff from my computer and can't find it, so I was wondering if anyone could point me in the right direction? Edit...
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    A Challenge!

    Tonight at 9 pm Eastern Time, WOTC are having a trivia contest on their chat site, and I'm eligible to play again after winning back in May. Anyways, the last few times have been almost embarrassing, with most of the other contestants not quite understanding the meaning of the word "trivia" and...