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  1. sithramir

    5E Counterspell

    So. I have a question: How do you know what level of spell a caster is casting? With counterspell can i auto decide to choose the correct level to counter it? Or do I declare that and then roll a check if their spell is higher than the slot I used? C o u n t e r s p e l l 3rd-level abjuration...
  2. sithramir

    5E Bard concept help + Polymorph

    I am starting a new campaign and would love some opinions/help on what i've got for a Bard. The concept as I got to creating him is that he does not use weapons. He "wields" his lute using his instruments as a focus during battle. Kind of like wading through using his spells to harm his foes...
  3. sithramir

    Answering your own question

    So I am reading the new R.A. Salvatore Rise of the King and was thinking about Jarlaxles stats. I did a Google search and found the answer were stats that I wrote up for him over 10 years ago on this very forum! It totally blew my mind and I thought it was worth telling and it would be cool...
  4. sithramir

    5E 5' Step and AoO

    So I was just playing a game and it occured to me that there might not be a 5' step rule now. In 5E we can move, attack, move which is different from the oldern 3.x days. If a creature there's a group of creatures in melee can you use a 5' step now without an AoO? I'm thinking of an instance...
  5. sithramir

    5E Arena of War - Chapter 1: In Character

    Chapter 1: Pushing Daisies You awaken groggily. Looking around, you remember your accommodations and shiver. Comfortable but small, you are in what amounts to an Inn’s room but without windows and only one door, slightly ajar. Glancing at your room, it becomes clear that all of your items are...
  6. sithramir

    5E [Rogue's Gallery] Arena of War

    This is for posting characters for the Arena of War play by post campaign.
  7. sithramir

    5E - Looking to join a play by post game if anyone has room

    If anyone has a game I could join i'd like to try some 5E playing by post. Alternately I am trying to start one also called Arena of War if anyone is interested.
  8. sithramir

    5E Rogue Warrior with an axe

    I have an idea for a character that uses a Rogue as the fighter type. Maybe even somewhat barbarian-isk like Conan using strength instead of dexterity. I really like some of the powers the Rogue gets to use like Uncanny Dodge and Cunning Action and eventually Evasion. Some of those powers are...
  9. sithramir

    Arena of War (Gladiator Recruitment)

    The Magocracy of Thay's ruler Szass Tam has grown bored. There lies an arena of sorts. Underneath one of the most horrid of places lies something so nefarious, so breathtakingly wicked, that few visitors dare speak of the vile acts of violence performed there. A place full of evil incarnate...
  10. sithramir

    5E WHOH - Fighters get 4 attacks. Barb/Paladin gets 2 and all else gets 1???

    Please tell me i'm missing something. Fighters are the only ones who get extra attacks beyond 5th level? Wizards, Clerics, Rogues will never have more than one attack? Is this right? Also, it appears the Paladin and Barbarian get extra attacks at 5 but not at 11 or 20? This seems shocking. I...
  11. sithramir

    5E A few thoughts on 5E.

    I stopped playing D&D right around start of 4th edition and haven't really gotten back into it until recently due to reasons not worth mentioning. Anyways a few comments I had looking at the starter pack: 1) Tiefling and Damage Resistance in general: It basically just states that you take half...
  12. sithramir

    Orlando, FL - Any good D&D games out there

    Hi, I've been playing D&D for about 15 years and have been DMing for at least 10. I am only looking to join as a player but wanted to know if there are any good games in the Orlando area. I was in a previous group on Fridays but that day just doesn't work well for me. You can contact me...
  13. sithramir

    A concern for the creators

    I've been buying the last couple of 3.5 books because I was hoping to do away with the 3.0 books at last and have a nice updated broad set of options to play a world in. I've been happy with a lot of the ideas they put forth but am quite displeased with the "quality". Now I think they provide...
  14. sithramir


    I was reading through polymorph and it does not list archons or outsiders as a type able to be taken in the spell. Yet they talk about what you gain from gaining the archon type from polymorph. Is this just a mistake or is there some way you can turn into it? Polymorph does say humanoid but...
  15. sithramir

    Any gamers in Orlando, Florida?

    Took a job in Florida and will be moving there. Great weather and stuff but I was hoping there might be some gamers there still? Please if you're a gamer near the area let me know just so I know there are some gamers. I'd love to get a game going or join a game if there is one also.
  16. sithramir

    Creating an Epic Spell HELP!

    All, My epic character just gained Epic spell casting. I'm trying to create an interesting attack spell for him. The Spellcraft DC has to be 24 or less. What i'm trying to gain is a spell that doesn't deal normal damage and that isn't stopped by SR if possible (or at least has a very large...
  17. sithramir

    Which would you do when creating an epic character?

    So the question is this: Should I be lvl 24 and have 1,800,000 gp's or level 21 and 2,900,000 gps to spend using Magical Artisan and Craft Wondrous item (Possibly Craft Ring or something else also). I'm going to be wizard 3/cleric3/mystic theurge 10/dweormerkeeper 8 or 5 If i'm lvl 24 I...
  18. sithramir

    Time Stop Question!!!!

    So a game i'm joining claims that with time stop you can cast offensive spells but taht just don't go off until after the time stop wears off. IE you can time stop for 3 rounds then round 1: meteor swarm/quicken spell round 2: meteor swarm/quicken spell round 3: meteor swam/quicken spell And...
  19. sithramir

    Epic character help!!!!

    Ok so I have to make a character that will now be epic to join in a campaign. Here's my problemo: I want to play a diviner 3/cleric 3/mystic theurge 10/dweomkeeper 8 Now its just come to my attention that I can't get ANY epic feats because I haven't maxed any prestige class and I haven't...
  20. sithramir

    Ritual to become a Lich

    Hey i'm doing a write up of the ritual being used for my character to start his transformation into a lich. I have split the template into levels similar to Monte Cook or the new WotC board ideas so only gain 1 lvl of it. Could you guys throw me some ideas to help it out? I want it to be real...