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  1. Oryzarius

    Deadlands on Roll 20

    Are you still looking for players? (I, too, am in Houston, but interested in learning more about Roll20.)
  2. Oryzarius

    EN World Our new Community Supporter Accounts

    How does one add a cover photo? I keep getting a "server error." I've also looked around to see whether I can find any information about expected aspect ratio, resolution, etc. for cover photos, but I haven't yet been successful.
  3. Oryzarius

    Looking for a face-to-face GURPS game in Houston, Texas.

    Looking for a face-to-face GURPS game in Houston, Texas.
  4. Oryzarius

    Crowdfunding News – Terra Oblivion, Ngolo Diaspora, and more

    Don't forget Steve Jackson Games' GURPS 2020 PDF Challenge, running through July 13. The GURPS team, under the direction of GURPS Line Editor Sean Punch, has prepared a dozen different PDFs . . . and this is your chance to possibly grab all twelve of the new PDFs for only $3! Starting with the...
  5. Oryzarius

    5E WotC Delays New D&D Book Announcement

    Well, now that the announcement has been delayed, it can’t be called “quick” any more, can it?
  6. Oryzarius

    RPG Crowdfunding News – Starship Warden, Children of Eriu, TABLETOPS & TENTACLES, and more

    Admittedly, Steve Jackson Games’ Car Wars used to have more role-playing elements than the newest edition does, but there are still some fun resources there, and great deals on pledges: https://www.kickstarter.com/projects/sjgames/car-wars-sixth-edition-by-steve-jackson-games
  7. Oryzarius

    TSR Jim Ward: SSI, Dungeons & Dragons and the Computer Industry

    “Then the president of TSR decided she needed lots more money from the computer games license.” Was there ever anything Lorraine Williams approached competently?
  8. Oryzarius

    3E/3.5 Jonathan Tweet: Prologue to Third Edition

    Our “a” was flatter; instead the term rhymed with “wacko.”
  9. Oryzarius

    GURPS players in Houston?

    Any GURPS players here in Houston? I live fairly centrally (Bellaire), but wouldn’t mind driving a ways into the west side of town (Sugarland? Katy?) for a good game.