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  1. krunchyfrogg

    5E What would you play in this party? How would you optimize the character?

    The party consists of the following classes: Paladin Moon druid Scout rogue Gloom stalker ranger I’m thinking wizard, cleric or sorcerer. If I go wizard, I’ll go either dwarf abjuror, elf bladesinger, or halfling diviner. If I go cleric, I’ll go arcana or tempest. Maybe life, but I doubt...
  2. krunchyfrogg

    5E Which is a better bladesinger?

    high elf will be this characters race 27 point buy level 4 start expect game to end level 9/10 Option 1: rogue 1/bladesinger 3 (small damage boost with sneak attack, expertise in 2 skills, extra skills) Option 2: fighter 1/bladesinger 3 (dueling or defense style? Lots more HP, CON saving throw...
  3. krunchyfrogg

    5E Is my half elf evoker's backstory too simple?

    Of note, I'm specifically going for something that isn't too complex, but can be expanded on down the road. I was going with the idea of a half elf noble, raised in a family of elves. He's constantly dealing with feelings of inadequacy and looked at as being less than a full blooded elf...
  4. krunchyfrogg

    How do I find printable character sheets now?

    I used to be able to locate these pretty easily, but I'm having trouble now. IDK if it's because of site changes or if it's because I'm visiting this site from work and certain parts are blocked/restricted. If you really want to be a help, send me to a link for printable 5e character sheets. TIA
  5. krunchyfrogg

    5E How do I optimize this character?

    I’m playing an elf arcane trickster (monoclass so far) who is level 3 with the following stats (standard array): 8/17/14/14/12/10. Now, I can rearrange these if I wanted, but I think this is pretty optimal. The character is played as an archer who uses an owl familiar to pretty much always...
  6. krunchyfrogg

    My proposed rogue/wizard

    I plan on playing a rogue/wizard in an upcoming game. We use standard array for stats. I’m kind of excited about this character and I’d really like to hear if there’s anything I should change before the game starts. Eladrin (DMG) 8/16/13/16/10/12 Level 1: rogue 1 Level 2: wizard 1 Level 3...
  7. krunchyfrogg

    Party face build

    I got this concept when I was trying to build Indiana Jones, and then I realized I like spellcasting way too much to be primarily rogue. Half elf Archaeologist background Level 1: rogue 8/14/14/10/13/17 Level 2: knowledge cleric Level 3: bard Arcana (expertise) History (expertise)...
  8. krunchyfrogg

    5E Best gish (PHB only)

    In addition to only using the PHB, were using the standard array for stats (NOT point buy!). This game will go to level 8. Definition of a gish for this argument: someone who can decently cast some spells as well as hold their own in combat.
  9. krunchyfrogg

    Ok, need some Tolkien nerd help (can YOU write elvish?)

    This kinda relates to a thread I stared a couple days ago. A good friend of mine wants a Tolkien tattoo. Wants the first two lines from The Riddle of Strider tattooed on his forearm. I’ve been trying to help him, but it seems like there are different fonts and probably some bad images all over...
  10. krunchyfrogg

    Question about “The Riddle of Strider” (Lord of the Rings books)

    Question about “The Riddle of Strider” (Lord of the Rings books) “The Riddle of Strider” is the poem, written by Bilbo Baggins, about Aragorn. My question is this: Why is it often written in Quenya if Bilbo wrote it? Did he learn to write high elven in his years at Imladris? I have seen the...
  11. krunchyfrogg

    5E Please help me with the “one spell cast per round” rule

    Please help me with the “one spell cast per round” rule Where is this rule written? Does it apply to all spells? Are cantrips an exception? Are bonus action spells an exception? I’ve just had trouble with this rule and thought you guys could explain it to me.
  12. krunchyfrogg

    5E Optimal feat for a casting cleric

    This character probably won’t do a weapon attack unless he’s hiding his abilities or he’s in an anti magic zone. I’m going variant human cleric of arcana. What feat at first level? I’ve narrowed it down to spell sniper, magic initiate (but what to take?), war caster, resilient constitution...
  13. krunchyfrogg

    5E Anybody ever want to change characters a lot? How do you prevent that?

    Hey all, I have a problem. I usually start a game, have fun for a session or two, and then want to switch characters. How can I get myself to want to stick with a character? I hate this “restartitis” On a secondary note, I can’t decide if I want to play a bard or paladin. We have a thief...
  14. krunchyfrogg

    Trying to make a good vengeance paladin, I need some help.

    Hey guys, I’m looking at trying out a paladin in my next game. We’ll start at level 1. I’m torn on many aspects, from race, to STR vs DEX, to one handed weapon vs two handers (STR only). Should I consider multiclassing a little later? I’m using point buy. I want to use sailor as my...
  15. krunchyfrogg

    Please help me optimize my arcana cleric

    I’ve chosen to play a variant human arcana cleric in the Greyhawk setting. He follows the god Celestian. Here’s my basics at level 1: 8/14/14/12/16/10 Feat: magic initiate druid (shillelagh) Question 1: what other druid cantrip and what first level druid spell help this character the most...
  16. krunchyfrogg

    5E How would you best represent astronomy skills in D&D?

    I’m talking about using a telescope, knowledge of stars and other celestial bodies, ect. My character has Arcana and history skills, but I’m wondering if I should see if I should petition my DM to trade one of the languages from my sage background in for some skill with a telescope or something.
  17. krunchyfrogg

    5E How can I optimize a hexblade pact of the blade warlock?

    I’m thinking of human or half elf. Point buy, official books only. Thank you.
  18. krunchyfrogg

    5E Need help in picking a character to fit this party

    I’m joining a new game. I’ve asked what the others are playing, and this is what I’ve been told: Celestial warlock Rogue Barbarian Hunter ranger Moon druid We are starting at level 1, using the standard array and can use any official book (no UA) except Volos Guide. Any ideas on what holes...
  19. krunchyfrogg

    High Elf cleric 1/wizard 3

    Hey guys, I'm playing a high elf cleric 1/wizard 3. He's a knowledge cleric and a diviner wizard. I have to use the standard array, and I'm playing with a new DM who doesn't want to be overwhelmed, so we're using the PHB only. No UA, SCAG, ect.. I'm going to take the cleric level first...
  20. krunchyfrogg

    5E What’s your favorite class?

    What’s your favorite class? Is it bard, or are you wrong? 😂