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  1. HellHound

    [Lacuna Part 1] Debrief?

    When running my Lacuna games I've always ended them when the last agent either gets off the slab, or dies. Primarily this is because I run it once every 4-5 months and don't have a firm grasp on mythography and focus my energy and attention on the mission itself. Typically I then handle the...
  2. HellHound

    Lacuna Part 1 Game? Anyone?

    I'm looking at throwing together a Lacuna Part 1 game. This is a great game for first-time players. No prior experience needed nor helpful. I'm obviously not free to run on Friday night (ENnies). But could run it just about any time four-five of you can arrange to pull me aside and make me...
  3. HellHound

    Need a date for the ENnies? DREAM DATE AUCTIONS!

    Going to the ENnie award ceremony at Gen Con, but need a date? Don't want to sit with the plebes at the back, but want to hang out with the nominated publishers and score some sweet swag? The ENnie Dream Date Auctions have begun! The first two auction on the block are with White Wolf...
  4. HellHound

    Could I? Should I? Would I?

    So, checking the ENnie judges requirements this year, I noted that I qualify as I haven't been involved with ENP in the past 2 years, and haven't written or published any RPG material in that time frame either... So I could run to be a judge according to the rules. Well, as long as I got...
  5. HellHound

    Last year's "Best Game" - Scion - Good resources?

    We've started a Scion cycle now that I have all three of the core Scion books (as well as the two PDF Scion companions). That said, there must be a plethora of fan creations out there for the game - what are some of your fave sites / house rules / new pantheons?
  6. HellHound

    Where I've Been: DJing

    I've been very rarely on ENWorld of late - for a a year or so that was because I was primarily over on CM (where I'm one of the jerks that occasionally pretends to run the place), but mostly because I've been spending a lot of my time that isn't at work or with family doing something I used to...
  7. HellHound

    My sense of wonder!

  8. HellHound

    Bizarre RPGs

    http://www.memento-mori.com/lacuna/lacuna_square.jpgAfter reading through Lacuna Part 1: The Creation of the Mystery and the Girl from Blue City and my most recent love affair with John Wick's Discordia RPG (I'm sure I raved about it enough at GenCon that some of you were sick of it), and...
  9. HellHound

    Labyrinth Lord vs Basic Fantasy?

    So, I've been checking out these OSRIC-idea based games. I'm not a huge fan of 1e, but loved the Basic / Expert sets. Labyrinth Lord and Basic Fantasy both seem to have the same aim. My questions are: 1. Which do you feel did a better job of it. 2. Which do you think is more widely accepted /...
  10. HellHound

    Favourite adventures at each level? (and fave DCC29 adventure?)

    I'm looking at running a campaign again. But really, just a series of adventures - I refuse to actually dedicate any time to this endeavour because I've been let down by D&D too many times in recent memory. That said, our first game (the level 0 adventure from DCC 35) has been a lot of fun, and...
  11. HellHound

    ENnie Ceremony Dream Date Auctions

    The ENnies Dream Date auctions have started going up. Each dream date is a seat at the table of said publisher at the ENnie awards ceremony (so you aren't sitting in the back of the room, and you get to chat with the publisher's team) and most also come with swag. These auctions are the...
  12. HellHound

    ENnies 2008 Judge Voting is Open

    http://www.ennieawards.com/voting.html Voting for the judges for next year's GenCon / ENWorld RPG Awards (The ENnies) has begun. Over the past week, the ENnie Awards have been accepting nominations for judges, and the information from those nominations is now available on the ENnies website...
  13. HellHound

    Joseph Carriker / Oakthorne Inconnu Watcher

    I'm trying to get in touch with Joseph Carriker / Oakthorne - if anyone has his contact info, would they please be so kind as to forward mine to him? jake (at) dreadgazebo (dot) com Thanks
  14. HellHound

    The 2008 ENnie Judge Nomination Period has begun!

    www.ennieawards.com/voting.html The ENWorld & GenCon RPG Awards have opened the nomination period for judges for the 2008 awards. From today until 6pm EDT July 30th, nominations are being accepted for ENnies judges. In order to enter the race for one of the five ENnie Judge spots, each would-be...
  15. HellHound

    2007 ENnie Voting Goes Live!

    ENnie Voting Goes Live The ENnie Awards are pleased to announce that the voting for the 2007 ENWorld / GenCon RPG Awards (The ENnies) has begun. At 8:30 AM (EDT), July 16th the voting booth software went live and will remain live until Sunday July 29th. You can access the voting booth via...
  16. HellHound

    2007 ENnie Voting Goes Live!

    ENnies Voting Goes Live! The ENnie Awards are pleased to announce that the voting for the 2007 ENWorld / GenCon RPG Awards (The ENnies) has begun. At 8:30 AM (EDT), July 16th the voting booth software went live and will remain live until Sunday July 29th. You can access the voting booth via...
  17. HellHound

    The BlackHammer "Millennial" CyberPunk Campaign

    Originally, I was going to start this narrative about half-way through the campaign... with game 6. I've written up the synopsis of Game 1 of the campaign, but not for games 2, 3, 4 and 5. Since 6, 7 and 8 have been such good games, and I'm keeping closer track of what's going on, I was finally...
  18. HellHound

    [CyberPunk] CyberPsychosis

    (Cross-Posted from CircvsMaximvs and my cyberpunk forums, View From The Edge) This is the million-dollar question when working on a CyberPunk styled RPG. To incoporate a version of cyberpsychosis or cyber-rejection or not. For those not familiar with the RPG genre, this is the game mechanic...
  19. HellHound

    URGENT: Converting iWork .pages files for a PC

    Anyone here know a system to open Apple Pages files on a PC? Or does anyone here have Apple Pages (part of iWork) who could take a zip file I have and convert the document to RTF or something cross-platform?
  20. HellHound

    [Star Frontiers] Shotguns on the Frontier

    While statting up the PCs and NPCs for my Truane's Star Vice GenCon game, I originally gave the Tubs character a gyrojet rifle, but for the real feel of the character in the TV series, he needs a shotgun. Of course, there are no shotguns in Star Frontiers. So, I was building up rules for...