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  1. Nikosandros

    5E Tasha digital preorders

    As I wrote previously, I'm sure that this book will be a huge hit. Personally, I'm strongly looking forwards to it and I've pre-ordered a physical copy (I like to have both physical books and digital versions). I was merely curious about the lack of digital pre-orders. Recently, Adam from D&D...
  2. Nikosandros

    The "Advertising outside of promotions/press" Meta thread

    For me, even when logged out, I get the error on Firefox, but I don't get it when in anonymous mode. It works fine in Chrome and Edge.
  3. Nikosandros

    5E Tasha digital preorders

    However, the Beyond team has repeatedly stated that they are just waiting for WotC's authorization. It is not their decision.
  4. Nikosandros

    5E Tasha digital preorders

    As far as I know, they have discontinued the early releases. D&D Beyond normally gives a few perks for preorders such as character frames or backgrounds, or new "skins" for the dice roller.
  5. Nikosandros

    Cyberpunk RED Has A November 14 Release Date

    Each "square" is 2 yards (or meters).
  6. Nikosandros

    5E Tasha digital preorders

    I'm sure it is going to be a huge success.
  7. Nikosandros

    5E Tasha digital preorders

    I would have thought that letting partnered stores be able to sell the book in advance would incentivize purchases better than delaying digital preorders (especially since you can preorder on Amazon and in fact there's a link from the product page). However this is model that they abandoned...
  8. Nikosandros

    5E Tasha digital preorders

    Recent books from WotC have been available for preorder in digital format soon after having been announced. Tasha is not yet available and the D&D Beyond team has stated that this is due to WotC non having yet authorized preorder sales. Of course, it is not terribly important to preorder the...
  9. Nikosandros

    5E Weirdest House Rules You've Encountered in the Wild

    The first time I played AD&D 1e, the DM thought that the AC adjustment for weapons referred to the wielder's AC instead of that of the target, so that my ranger, with splint mail and shield, improved his AC by two when wielding a broad sword.
  10. Nikosandros

    Is there life on Maaaaaaars! (er, Venus)

    One thing that it important to consider is that the presence of phosphine is yet to be confirmed. A certain rotational transition has been observed and it is compatible with phosphine , but in order to confirm we need other measurements.
  11. Nikosandros

    Curiosity about smartphone ownership

    I got my first smartphone at the end of 2012 and I'm now on my 5th one.
  12. Nikosandros

    5E 3 Classic Settings Coming To 5E?

    Currently, they have licensed Goodman Games to produce their Original Adventures Reincarnated line.
  13. Nikosandros

    5E 3 Classic Settings Coming To 5E?

    Dragonlance is owned by WotC. I don't know where the idea that WotC doesn't have the full rights to all Dragonlance IP comes from.
  14. Nikosandros

    Chromatic Dungeons! A Species Preview

    Is the species preview available as a download, or just as post on the blog?
  15. Nikosandros

    General SYFY article on Castle Greyhawk

    Peculiar that WotC declined to comment
  16. Nikosandros

    OSR Hybrid TSR era clone, does it exist?

    Yeah, ascending AC in an OSR game is just wrong...
  17. Nikosandros

    5E The New D&D Book: Tasha's Cauldron of Everything!

    Science has destroyed my childhood. First, Pluto is no longer a planet, then Brontosaurus did not exist and now Brontosaurus is back but they (and T-rex) had feathers... Next, they will be telling me that a computer can beat a human champion at Go.
  18. Nikosandros

    2E Wait, what? (Spell memorization in 2nd ed AD&D)

    I consider this a feature. High level casters are not supposed to unload all their spells each day. If they need to, then they need time to recuperate.
  19. Nikosandros

    2E Wait, what? (Spell memorization in 2nd ed AD&D)

    In 1e, you need to sleep for a minimum number for hours (4 for 1st-2nd level spells and then increasing) plus you need 15 minutes per spell level to memorize a spell.
  20. Nikosandros

    5E Kate Welch on Leaving WotC

    That's not correct. A 1st level MU will get read magic plus one offensive, one defensive and one miscellaneous spell. At the DM's option the player may chose the spells, but that's not the default.