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  1. sineater

    Reflex saves?

    Ok say a wizard or sorcerer sneaks into a room unnoticed and decides to cast a fireball or some other spell that requires a reflex saving throw. Since the creatures or people don't know he's their do they get there reflex saving throw? or would it be reduced? Just curious how it works.
  2. sineater

    PC Assassin Death Attack?

    This came up in our gaming session this week. One of the players has an Assassin and wanted to use death attack on a Nightshade. We told him he couldn't because the Nightshade is undead and effected by his death attack. He said it would be because it was his death and in the book it said nothing...
  3. sineater

    Tattoo Magic?

    How does tattoo magic work? And how long does it last for? (Example-Charduns Might. How long will it last? And how does it work?) Just asking some players in our group are using these tattoos and I think they are using them wrong. Thanks for any help.
  4. sineater

    Clerical spell Harm, too powerful?

    Clerical spell Harm, to powerful? Ok this 6th level spell allows you to cast it on anyone and reduce there hp's to 1d4. The person it is cast upon gets no saving throw. To me this spell seems quite powerful. But thats my opinion. To I would think you get a saving throw. If you fail it then you...
  5. sineater


    If you are paralyzed or held and you take damage, does this undo the effect upon you allowing you to move?
  6. sineater

    Question on flat footed?

    A monk breaks down a door. There are 3 hobgoblins inside. No surprise action is determined. Initiative is rolled and the monk has higher initiative and acts first. Do the Hobgoblins get there dex bonus or are they considered flat footed?
  7. sineater

    Kukri is it a monk weapon?

    Has the Kukri been added to the list of weapons that a monk is proficient with?
  8. sineater

    Power lunge question?

    What would be the Max damage a character could do with Power Lunge? The character has a Strength of 21 and wields a great sword +3. He also has weapon focus greatsword. The reason I ask is I think he is doing the damage wrong. So I figured I would see what you guys would figure out for damage...
  9. sineater

    Flurry of blows and extra feats.

    I have a monk with the dirty fighting feat and fists of iron. How does this work? Can I do a flurry of blows and still gain the bonus from the two feats? I'm not sure how exactly this works. If it doesn't work out that way, is there any feat for my monk to gain more damage from his attacks?
  10. sineater

    Experience calculator?

    Is there a good experience calculator out there anywhere?
  11. sineater


    If you are knocked unconscious from poison (say for 1 minute), and then take damage from a weapon, fall etc.. Would you wake up from taking the damage?
  12. sineater

    Drow elf poison arrows

    When using a drow elf as a PC, the monster manual states that they normally coat their arrows with a potent venom. How do you normally work that? Do you allow PC's to have ALL thier arrows coated with poison or do you limit the number? Also, drows are not immune to this poison are they? It's...
  13. sineater

    Drow Experience pts?

    What are the disadvantages of being a Drow experience wise?
  14. sineater

    Destructive Rage?

    When Destructive Rage is used does that count towards one of your rages for the day as a Barbarian?
  15. sineater

    Nevermind about PCGen

    Sorry about the rant. Bad mood do to computer crash.
  16. sineater

    Hi everyone!

    Just thought I would stop in and say hi to you all. I have been very busy with my new job and a lot of other stuff. So I thought I would peek in and see how things are going.
  17. sineater

    Reincarnated as a bear?

    Can a PC who has been reincarnated as a bear use magic items and weapons such as rods, wand, swords etc...?
  18. sineater

    Ranged weapon to hit when wearing armor?

    Does ranged weapons to hit decrease depending on the type of armor you wear?
  19. sineater

    Expert Tactician?

    Ok with expert tactician you are allowed to make an extra partial action after you attack, correct? If so then can you defer or ready that action against your enemy? So say if he takes a five foot step to cast a spell you can be right there to attack him. Causing him to make a concentration...
  20. sineater

    Use Magic Device????????????????

    Ok explain this in plain english to me so I can understand how this works. :confused: I have a 6th level rogue, with a wand of levitate. I have use magic device at 8. So what are my chances of using this?