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  1. delph

    Catchphrases for death cleric

    Hi, I play deathcleric. Inspired with mexican celebration of deaths so she has flowers, butterflies, glitters,... and a morbid sense of humor... So I'm seeking catchphrases for her. They have to be around death, grave, postmortem living. Nothing about undeads. Thanks for anything.
  2. delph

    5E Eldritch spear + spellsniper + distant spell

    Hi, I have a quick question. On some FB page I have a discussion about using EB with eldritch spear + SS + distant spell. One guy said it can't be combined, because "general rules overridden by specific rules." and EB with ES will be always only 300 ft. I never read Eldritch spear by this way...
  3. delph

    5E Metamagic for wizards not for sorcerers?

    After some thinking about metamagic I'm wondering why it have sorcerers and no wizards? As I understand wizards as men who learning how to use, handle, work with magic in the smallest details. Then it made me a sense to give them the ability to made theirs spell empowered, quickened, subtle...
  4. delph

    Crazy builds for one insane stat

    Hi, this is a thread for play with rules to get the highest one stat, without care about RP, or usefulness in game. But it can be inspiration for build for some not so crazy builds... There are 3 levels what can we count: Only character, without artifacts - It's only was how to guarantee you...
  5. delph

    MC Knowledge Cleric + Lore Bard vs Kensei Bladesinger

    Hi I'll have one shot play on 5 lvl with longtime player's groupe as a guest. I'm thinking about try some little crazy builds. Point buy, can take everything from every official source. First is Vuman (feat Linguist, Prodigy, Skilled or Observant) Knowledge Cleric 2 + Lore Bard 3 (background...
  6. delph

    5E How did you lead Trollskull Manor or another bussines?

    Hi everyone, As I'm going through Dragon Heist campaign I'm mannaging Trollskull Manor Tavern in my downtime. I'v got Durnans Guide to Tavernkeeping and my GM is using some rules from there. Is anyone other who take it seriously and is work with it? And not only this campaign and bussines. I'd...
  7. delph

    Pregnancy and newborns...

    Hi, my playgroup got new situation. One our party member is pregnant... So my question is - how usual is it in yours play, how did you deal with it. we are playing DnD 5, and She is Wild Sorcerer, so she can't cast, because mutating is in game... especially in crit fails. EDIT: I corrected...
  8. delph

    5E What play after Dragon Heist (no DotMM)

    Hi, we are playing Dragon Heist and we love this game and our characters. But what play after? Our GM describe us some things about DotMM and everyone answer "that's nothing we want play" Behind us are: ToA CoS
  9. delph

    5E Haste from higher slots...

    I'm thinking about haste. It's good spell fot 3rd spell slot, but it has it's limitation. What about push limits with casting from higher slots. My simple idea is: 6 lvl slot - same as Action surge (can do whole action, so can cast, made extra atacks) +3 (+4?) AC, not sure about duration. One...
  10. delph

    5E BattleMasters maneuvers vs Sword Bard Blade Flourish

    I just read about Bard and College of Sword and his Blade Flourish. And immediately I started comparing with BM maneuvers. Blade Flourishes are just 3 versions but everyone is useful, BM have 4 maneuvers from 3rd lvl and (if you have good charisma) both of them have 3 use. But fighter per SR...
  11. delph

    5E Reimagining racial ability scores

    Hi, I found this post on DnD Beyond and found it interesting. I do not agree with everything, but it's much more like my ideas than as it is now. https://www.dndbeyond.com/posts/563-reimagining-racial-ability-scores I prefer option 3. And maybe add racial maxes - halflings can have str and con...
  12. delph

    How I can use familiar

    Hi, I was going around familiars in big circle, becose i don't know how to handle with them. Can you descirbe how do you use them in game?
  13. delph

    Ranged Char build?

    I want some weapon ranged char, but no single strong nova dmg is needed. I think :erm: Base idea is heavy crossbow with crossbow master feat, to be able fight in close combat (not everyone situaton is optimal, and I do'nt want to be glass cannon) It be settled by the sea, so i wanna be...
  14. delph

    5E [5E]What everything I can use in riposte, opportunity attack, ...?

    Hi, I was thinking about Battlemaster 3 / Rogue (4/12) / Ranger ( 5/13) and I want to know if I can use in riposte, or opportunity attack something from rangers Horde breaker / whirlwind attack or be better go just for high sneak attack. I'm not native speaker so I sometimes I don't...
  15. delph

    5E How many classes in multiclass is to much?

    Hello, I'm playing for almost 3 years, but from time to time. Two campaigns with: Halfling Wizard (finished in 11th lvl) Dwarf Druid (almost done, now 9 lvl and max will be 10) And now I'm on start a new campaign with Halfling Warrior/Rogue (1+1 lvl). And I'm now in whole new word with...