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  1. Xaelvaen

    Kickstarter [KICKSTARTER] A Gary Gygax Documentary

    https://www.kickstarter.com/projects/dorksofyore/the-dreams-in-garys-basement-a-documentary-on-gary/description "The Dreams in Gary's Basement" is the title. Already funded (and then some; 150% last check) with 26 days to go.
  2. Xaelvaen

    Campaign Worlds Input

    Hello everyone at EN World - I'm looking for some interesting Campaign Worlds to read about and perhaps DM in for my RPG groups. I have no preference of genre, though I'd prefer either system agnostic settings, or settings that can be easily adapted to narrative-based gaming. Again, I'm only...
  3. Xaelvaen

    Form Fillable Monster PDF

    I have just uploaded Form Fillable Monster PDF to the downloads area. For Personal/Home use only. No publication. You can find the file here in the downloads section. Please use this thread for comments.
  4. Xaelvaen

    5E Form-Fillable Monster PDF

    I've created a form-fillable monster sheet, as the title indicates, that I use for personal use. It uses the layout of the Monster Manual from 5e, with some art changes due to availability. This post is about the desire for such a thing, and even the legality of sharing it. I've attached a...