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  1. Odysseus

    Upstate New York. Looking for 5E DnD players

    We are starting up playing our 5E DnD game post virus and we are looking for one or two players. I'm about 30 minutes south of Albany. We play twice a month either Fridays or Saturday evenings. If your interested get in touch.either PM message me or leave a post. Thanks, Simon
  2. Odysseus

    5E 5E low level monster skill checks

    When I'm using low level monster against higher level PCs. I find that there skill checks, with things like stealth , perception insight etc, is terrible compared to the PCs. The monsters can still be a challenge combat wise. But any sort of skill check vs the party they just seem to fail. Any...
  3. Odysseus

    How often does your party use a potion of healing

    I'm relatively new to Dming 5E. And i'm curious to know how often parties are using potions to heal.
  4. Odysseus

    ZEITGEIST Zeitgeist plot question

    We have just started Diaspora. And the party has captured Hans Jierre and believe Stanfield is a spy for Pemberton. I think I've headed off any immediate issues, the party are heading for Elfivar rather than going after Stanfield. I can start Last Starry night with them going after Stanfield...
  5. Odysseus

    Revelations from the Mouth of a Madman plot question

    Why are the Ob trying to frame/fit up Brakken? Rush hires the two orcs to set up the trial. But I can't seem to see an explanation as to why.
  6. Odysseus

    Game play feedback

    I'm a few Adventures into Zeitgeist now. So I'll use the post for so game play feed back. Spoilers included. Its a four player party, we're playing 4E. But I'll make the post as system neutral as possible. Axis Island. Nice 1st level adventure. We went through it very quickly though. As a...
  7. Odysseus

    Looking for a devious plot idea

    The campaign I'm running is low level set in the docks ward of Waterdeep. The party went to investigate why the son of a noble was visiting the docks ward frequently. Discovered he was part of a demon cult, killed all the cult members ,including the nobles son. And returned the body to the...
  8. Odysseus

    Rhuarc Scimitar

    Are there any 4E , stats for Shaalguenyaver,(Rhuarc scimitar) Its detailed in the 3e version but not the 4e version.
  9. Odysseus

    Sorcerer with Elemental bloodline

    I'm going to be playing a Sorcerer with the Elemental bloodline in our next PF campaign. And i'm trying to avoid him using rays, and focus on area abilities, or things that don't require an to hit roll. However I get Elemental ray automatically. Are there any alternatives to this? Or variations...
  10. Odysseus

    Looking for a Campaign/Adveture path

    I'm on the lookout for a campaign/Adventure path for my group to play next. We're a 4E group, but I don't mind converting other editions to 4E. What I would like to do , if I can find something. Is something where the PC are criminals, or perhaps something based in one city. Stuff we've already...
  11. Odysseus

    Some suggestions needed for Paragon Encounters

    The campaign i'm currently Dming has recently entered the paragon tier. And i've noticed I'm not quite challenging the party as much as I was. Part of this I believe is to do with moving into a different Tier of play. The party seem less effected by hit point damage. And the combat duration is...
  12. Odysseus

    WotBS WotBS Prequel

    I'm going to start running WotBS(4E) in a few months time. And myself and the players thought it would be a good idea to run somesort of prequel adventure. The idea of the prequel being to connect at least some of the PCs to adventure/plot/resistance at Gate pass. I'm only looking at a 2 or 3...
  13. Odysseus

    Inherent bonus rules

    Has anybody used the Inherent bonus rules (DMG 2 page 138)? I was looking at using for my next campaign(WotBS) My players are enthusiastic about having less magic items , and trying to make the ones they get more special. Any thoughts?
  14. Odysseus

    Sleep power vs hydra

    How should I deal with a wizards sleep power against a hydra? A save for the hyrda, or a save for each head, or something else?
  15. Odysseus

    Places/Terrain ideas

    The feedback I get from my players about my current 4E campaign is that interesting places & 3D terrain, makes the encounters more fun, with regard to the 4e rules for pushing & sliding etc. So in your experince what terrain & places work best? Bear in mind I would have to draw it on a...
  16. Odysseus

    Wounds/Conditions rules

    I've seen quite a few house rules regarding wounding and conditions(broken limbs etc). But not much about when and how they should occur. The two obvious choices are criticals and massive damage cause wounds. Any other options?
  17. Odysseus

    upstate NY 12130

    5th Edition DnD long running group. More combat/problem solving than role playing style of game. We're a bunch of 40 and 50 year olds , who meet saturdays 7pm till 10 pm bi monthly , for a fun game of DnD. We meet at my house in Niverville (12130) which is about 30 minutes south of Albany. At...
  18. Odysseus

    G1 Tactics

    I'm going to be running G1 Steading of the Hill Giant Chief, 3.5 conversation, for my group soon. And I was wondering if anyone had some advice about running giants in 3.5 edition tactics wise? Or if anyone has run G1 in 3rd edition has some advice.
  19. Odysseus

    any ideas

    My current campiagn will becoming to the end of an adventure arc soon. And I'd like to hear if anyone has some inspiring ideas for me. The plot arc will have the party trying to rescue fifty plus prisoners from the Lair of a vampire Rakshasa. Who specilizes in alchemy and magic diseases. And...
  20. Odysseus

    Adventure Ideas

    I'm looking for some adventure ideas. The party has to make a long trip through the underdark. I'd like the party to go up a level during the trip. There 5th level now. However I don't want too big a distraction, or a series of random encounters, or just a bunch of combat, or anything that...