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    5E Is this Avariel (winged elf variant) balanced for 5e? Thank you!!

    This is what I am looking at, and trying to make sure this is balanced. Both Winged Tiefling and Aarakocra (we have seen Aarakocra played from 1st to about 11th, no issues) are currently allowed at the table. It seems fair....thoughts? Thanks Edit: Also on the fence about Elf Weapon...
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    5E New Character Sheets are out, anyone seen what they look like?

    I have not been able to locate a sample or pic....thanks. Correction, I think they are out at premier stores.
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    5E Monk Shadow Step: How are you running it as a DM?

    Are you just letting the monk teleport any place they want all the time? Or something else? Page 183 in the PHB says dim light is just shadows, so pretty much they should be able to teleport constantly, but it seems almost to good. Thanks
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    Updated Reincarnate Table with WoTC Released Races

    Stole this from reddit a while ago...any changes (or another table entirely) you would make? Thanks
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    5E Amazon.com 5e D&D book for $19: Yes Please!

    Use the code HOLIDAYBOOK at checkout! Stole this from Reddit Amazon
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    5E Earthquake Spell Question

    Howdy mortals, The fissures no longer close when the spell ends like prior editions correct? Thanks!!
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    5E Against the Giants for 5e

    Thanks for reading! The group wants me to run Against the Giants (AtG) since only one player has been through it, and its legendary. I have played it 3 times and run it once in years pass. Yes, I know about Storm Kings Thunder (I have read it), but I don’t feel like running that. Also that’s...
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    5E DM is in a Good Mood but I need help fast! The UA Revised Ranger but how to make it spell-less

    I was surprised my DM went for it since its during the campaign but he is letting me bring in the Revised Ranger tomorrow. I think I might push him more and see if he will allow even more homebrew action. Give an inch and they take a mile! :D What would be fare to give the new UA Ranger in...
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    Draconians for 5e

    Does anybody know of a conversion? I am going to use them in the HoTDQ...yes its cheesy.:cool:
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    OSR OST: Old School gaming tool for GMs of AD&D/OSRIC (software)

    http://sourceforge.net/projects/oldschooltool/ Description A java based tool that takes load off the AD&D or OSRIC GM by being able to quickly load creatures encountered and manage the combat quickly without having to reference attack matrix, hd calculations or other charts and tables. With...
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    1E Check out what Kinkos did to My 1e AD&D UA

    5 bucks I have another one that is in almost mint condition but this one has the standard bad binding of the UA's and pages have been falling out for awhile. Since it turned out so well I am looking through all my books now for anything that needs attention. :) As a side note the guy said...
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    Social Skills, starting to bug me.

    I have noticed a trend in all my characters that I don't like to put any points into social skills even for classes that have them as class skills. I would prefer to role play and let the DM decide how the NPC reacts rather than leave it up to the dice. Or when I try to bluff, sometimes I do it...
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    Top 5 RPGs--Q2 2011

    ICv2 - Top 5 RPGs--Q2 2011 1 Pathfinder 2 Dungeons & Dragons 3 Dark Heresy/Rogue Trader/Deathwatch 4 Dragon Age 5 Shadowrun
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    Stars without Number

    Looks pretty good and fast. Stars Without Number is a free retro-influenced sci-fi RPG that draws its system inspiration from the great RPGs current in the 70s and early 80s. The core system is compatible with almost all OSR retroclones, and the contents are designed to be easy to strip for...
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    PF1E Iterative Attacks and Pathfinder

    First Question: TB says that characters get a 2nd attack at 6th at -2 instead of the normal at -5. So is it saying it only happens when they normally would get an extra attack (full BAB classes at 6th), or all classes get it at 6th regardless of BAB?
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    Favored Terrain & Favored Enemy

    I am still against the way Pathfinder handles rangers favored enemy....its the same as 3/3.5. 1. First of all, it is a pain to keep track of (to us). 2. Second, they have added Favored Terrain, which adds to the annoying factor. 3. Third, they might rarely kick in if ever..... Now...
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    3E/3.5 3.5/Pathfinder WITH minis WITHOUT grid/hex

    I have an urge to play with minis (since we have a ton of WotC ones), but get away from being tied to the grid/hex. Do you have any advice or see any problems? Thanks!!
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    Nice PDF character Sheet I found

    This is a great Form Fillable PDF character sheet I found on a torrent site today. I see its on rpgsheets.com but think this is an updated version. http://www.filedump.net/dumped/blankcharactersheetdnd4e201213661712.pdf yea here it is...
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    LucasArts and BioWare Team Up

    from http://www.bluesnews.com/ Lucasarts and Bioware Corp. To Develop Ground-Breaking Interactive Entertainment Product is a press release on the newly launched Lucasartsbioware.com (thanks Shacknews) revealing a partnership between the two companies, lending further credence to rumors that...