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  1. delph

    Catchphrases for death cleric

    Thanks you again. I have some ideas for "Guidance phrases" "Chill out, it doesn't kill you" "Don't worry, we don't kill you when you fail." "What doesn't kill you, it makes you stronger" "Try more, you can rest in grave"
  2. delph

    Catchphrases for death cleric

    Hi, I play deathcleric. Inspired with mexican celebration of deaths so she has flowers, butterflies, glitters,... and a morbid sense of humor... So I'm seeking catchphrases for her. They have to be around death, grave, postmortem living. Nothing about undeads. Thanks for anything.
  3. delph

    5E Should the Hexblade Patron be Banned?

    I was pushed into Hexblade 2/ Shadow Sorcerer 4 by my group - there wasn't any full caster, only one ranger. Then monk, fighter, blood hunter, rogue... And I was planning to go hexblade pact of blade melee but didnť know what others want to play... and now I'm PEW PEW EB blaster. Hex + Curse +...
  4. delph

    5E Eldritch spear + spellsniper + distant spell

    Hi, I have a quick question. On some FB page I have a discussion about using EB with eldritch spear + SS + distant spell. One guy said it can't be combined, because "general rules overridden by specific rules." and EB with ES will be always only 300 ft. I never read Eldritch spear by this way...
  5. delph

    5E Swashbuckler fighter subclass

    and now you can find how he use this education in his fights? Said something what enemies made confused and give you a small advantage in their later reaction. playing theater to distract enemies, laying, barganing,... thats all and more. And everything are in term of use in DnD Charisma...
  6. delph

    5E Swashbuckler fighter subclass

    and what he studied there? How he use his education with his rapier close combats? Or talks with enemies? Swashbuckler can be educated, but it isn't base to be a swashbuckler.
  7. delph

    5E The Strongest Poisoner. New Tasha's Gish

    I see one big weak point of this build - poisons. They aren't cheap and everywhere. I bought poison once and for 100 GP It wasn't big deal I want to do again.
  8. delph

    5E Swashbuckler fighter subclass

    Once again - They shouldn't be stupid (in term of DnD You shoudnť dumb Int stat to 8). That's okay. But Inteligence in DnD is really scholastic ability. When you really need to use cleverness, then use Wisdom. But they really needn't know history, books secrets of the universe,... And said...
  9. delph

    5E Swashbuckler fighter subclass

    You'v quoted many chars with "charisma" but many of them just arn't "swashbucklers". Aragorn and Carter are probably the most opposite characters to swashbuckler. Yes they can be "characters with rollesd stats" and have 16+ in all stats, but most of them dosn't use charisma to "dominate...
  10. delph

    5E Swashbuckler fighter subclass

    No one mentioned it? Swashbuckler is a Charisma-based person! Nothing to do with Inteligence. Not in the way DnD uses intelligence. First way is, as Flamestrike said, combination of Battlemaster and Swash buckler rogue or Bard. Second - using new subclass. And this is not a good way. It's...
  11. delph

    5E Cleric Tier Ratings

    I'm thinking about it same as your players... why heal with 1dX, when I can wait and heal with X. When you hit some ones or twos on dice It give you much more sense.
  12. delph

    5E Cleric Tier Ratings

    and now question I'm confused for some days - Are "Path to the grave" beating enemies immunity? So can I then made double dmg by fire to fire immune, etc. for this one use?
  13. delph

    5E Cleric Tier Ratings

    If you have money it's one of best companion ever. I had adamantine rapier and adamantine half plate on lvl 5...
  14. delph

    5E The Muscle Sorcerer.

    Nice, but completely wrong. At first something positive - I believe when you have Blade ward and HAM, you use at first magic, than HAM, so from 12 dmg you'v got half - 6 dmg, then reduce to 3 dmg. Than many negatives: As you describe it, it can be only a Variant human - 4 feats. And use point...
  15. delph

    5E Cleric Tier Ratings

    Will it continue? I'm waitnig for Grave Cleric. I'm weighted him or Death Cleric. Last word will be after zero session where we will get what will be able, what not, and what want other players. Because as i read it Death Cleric is more about dealing dmg, Grave about de/buff and heal.
  16. delph

    Death Cleric Build

    Re-open this thread: Thinking about Death cleric - with little funny taste - using mexican death celebrating makeups. So colorful masks, flowers,... (Charlatan background for disguise kit) from 1st lvl, standard array, Vhuman allowed. And I'm thinking about Vhuman with many variant of feats...
  17. delph

    5E [GUIDE] Power Overwhelming: A Sorcerer Guide

    Hi Adamango, I'm much more shorter player, and playing sorcerer for first time now. Distant spell - agree with everything and add one - when you are on open word, dealing with enemies on fields, roads, seas - combined distant spell with Spellsniper is great! When GM is used to say "an enemy is...
  18. delph

    5E What would you play in this party? How would you optimize the character?

    Sorcerer or Wizard. Wizard is better for wider area of play, not only fights as Sorcerer is (imho). Cleric is almost doubling druid with healing spells and some buffs. My point od view is only about which wizard :D Halfling diviner is something I wanna play to - get bountiful luck or lucky...
  19. delph

    5E Which is a better bladesinger?

    If you have allowed Elven Accuracy take pure Bladesinger with it. And you can have starting dex or int odd.
  20. delph

    UA Unearthed Arcana: Spirits Bard and Undeath Warlock

    Maybe too late - but I hadn't time to read and here is 17 pages... But still - Undead warlock is OP after 6. level. When I take common minmax combo halfelf with eleven accuracy feat on 4. lvl and agonazing blast. I'll get EB + hex 4d10 + 2d6 + 8 with cantrip every one round for 3 battles per...