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  1. practicalm

    A *Not* Secret Message from the Secret Masters

    If you have an Alexa device available to you, check out today's Daily Illuminator. http://www.sjgames.com/ill/archive/2019-07-14 Rule 3 from the link one of the worst-kept secrets about a secret conspiracy is, the more people who know about it, the more fun it is. I don't have an Alexa to play...
  2. practicalm

    5E Inter Giant relations

    So it's clear from the Giants descriptions and SKT that the lowest storm giant is better than the highest ranked cloud giant but would giants from different types ever marry and/or produce offspring? My players were seeking an interesting solution to dealing with the ambition of a cloud giant...
  3. practicalm

    5E Tempest Domain lightning and thunder

    So I was going over the list of cleric spells with Lightning and Thunder damage and the answer was none except for the spells in the Tempest domain list. Now it is cool they get two ways to do lightning or thunder damage (1 at first level another at eight level) but I was thinking about...