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    My Game Is In Trouble :(

    I am DMing Caverns of Thracia. My group is the following: One player who likes to DM from the backseat and correct you on rules at all times One player who refused to do anything except for dumb sitcom nonsense One player who finds the sitcom player hilarious One player sort of new to D&D and...
  2. K

    Have you ever intentionally ignored a character aspect?

    I am playing 5e, a fighter, and I have just reached third level. At second level I got a second win and some sort of extra action power surge thing, now at third level I get to choose a martial archetype that gives me more extra actions and whatnot. The problem is I don't want the extra...
  3. K

    Caverns of Thracia and White Plume Mountain advice needed

    Hi I need help introducing ppl to old style D&D and loved these two back in the 70s/80s. Thracia says it is a beginning level dungeon, but could 5 or 6 1st level characters actually survive this? It seems absurdly tough. White Plume Mountain would be a fun one off adventure but the...