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    5E Help with Character for PotA

    Just started a new PotA campaign and I'm looking for some character advice. A bit of background information: We've played two sessions right now and are all 2nd level. The DM has told us that we can re-make our characters before 3rd level without taking a level penalty so I'm taking the...
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    UA Unearthed Arcana Explores Downtime Activities

    Same here. I'm really interested to hear how this goes from others who really invest the time into it.
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    5E Good Low Level Sandbox

    Does anyone have suggestions for a low level (starting at level 1) sandbox module? I was thinking of using Keep on the Borderlands but I think I wanted something with a bit more fleshed out non-combat pillars (exploration and interaction). I'm also considering using the Village of Hommlett.
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    5E Hybrid type Multiclassing in 5e?

    Sorry if it's been addressed elsewhere. I haven't had the opportunity to download the new packet yet, but I was wondering if there were any provision for 1e style multiclassing (sort of like 4e hybrid) in the latest release? My favorite character back in the day was a multiclass fighter/thief...
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    4E 4E combat and powers: How to keep the baby and not the bathwater?

    Wasn't there a fatigue system in 2e Player's Options?
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    Half Celestial Skill Points

    I was looking at a summarized version of the Half Celestial template (on Crystalkeep.com) and it made reference to the base skill points changing. "Base skill points are now (8+int mod) * (racial HD + 3)" Exactly what does this mean? If a creature with 4 racial HD had an int modifier of +3...
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    Do Saving Throws for Creatures Increase?

    Thinking of taking a pegasus as a cohort using the leadership feat. As it gains hit die, does its saving throws increase?
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    Armor Enchantment for Paladin

    What is a better armor enchantment for a paladin... Heavy Fortification or Soulfire? I have high saves due to a very high charisma so making saves against death magic is not overly difficult. Just looking for opinions regarding the relative merits between the two enchantments.
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    Magic Items Suggestions

    My character just acquired a flying mount. I'm looking for some suggestions as to magic items that would be appropriate for such a situation.
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    Divine Metamagic Rods or Wands?

    Is it possible to create either wands or rods with Divine Metamagic'ed versions of spells?
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    Cohort Suggestions for Paladin

    I am playing an elven paladin/skylord... flying mount and such and am contemplating taking the Leadership feat (with my DM's blessing already). Based on my character's projected leadership score, I should be able to get a cohort approximately 13th level. What type of character should I...