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  1. Grazzt

    5E What's the largest number of PCs you've had in a session?

    Way back in our 1e days (mid 80's) we had two DMs (me + one other) and ran 15 players (meaning 15 characters plus various NPCs/hirelings/etc) through various quests for the parts to the Rod of Seven Parts (the original 1e artifact, not that module/boxed set that came later). We played like 12+...
  2. Grazzt

    Ripple Effect of D&D's Statement on the Rest of the RPG Industry?

    Yep. There have also been a few times where they make a statement about something like this (OK, maybe not quite as big as this, but still) and then do nothing more than "we need to..." or "we will.." and then nothing. Just lip service.
  3. Grazzt

    5E Are "evil gods" necessary?

    Drop the evil gods and make the rulers of Hell or the Abyss (or whatever evil planes exist in your world) the evil gods...ala...Elric and other Moorcock stories, and the Lords of Chaos in them. (In some worlds they are revered as gods; in others reviled and feared as demon lords and devils.) Or...
  4. Grazzt

    What do other games use in place of 'race'?

    There was. It was called "Character Type" but worked exactly how you described.
  5. Grazzt

    5E WotC's Jeremy Crawford on D&D Races Going Forward

    What's stopping you from doing it in your campaign now? I mean, my campaign, the last 30+ years, we don't have halflings. At all. Like they don't even exist. They never have; never will. (Same for dragonborn and a few others.) I don't care what the rule books in any edition say.
  6. Grazzt

    5E WotC's Jeremy Crawford on D&D Races Going Forward

    So samurai = stormtroopers from Star Wars?
  7. Grazzt

    General WotC’s Official Announcement About Diversity, Races, and D&D

    Hopefully they change their hiring practices too. If the thread on rpg.net (with a few links to blogs or posts by contractors, freelancers, etc) is any indication, they still have a ways to go.
  8. Grazzt

    General What are your media sources of inspiration

    Elric books Conan books Witchworld books The Witcher Prince of Thorns books The Blade Itself book
  9. Grazzt

    5E WotC's Jeremy Crawford on D&D Races Going Forward

    Funny, you mention gnolls. They are being looked at and possibly gonna be reclassified as fiends or something when all is said and done...or so I read.
  10. Grazzt

    TSR Jim Ward: Demons & Devils, NOT!

    Not a play on the name per se, but the spells and magic items mentioning "Murlynd" are a tribute to Don Kaye. Murlynd was his character and one of the first D&D characters ever created before D&D was even called D&D.
  11. Grazzt

    3E/3.5 Comparison to 3.5e

    Yep. And If I remember correctly, this is one of the things that spawned the E6 variant way back in the day.
  12. Grazzt

    Owen KC Stephens' Tabletop RPG Truths

    Funny you say that. I saw a post somewhere recently (probably on here) where someone from WotC said pretty much that. It was related to DnDBeyond and how print books still make way more $$ by a mile than digital and even people that don't play buy the books so they are basically constructed in a...
  13. Grazzt

    In Honor of Mordenkainen's Foes

    (May be better posted in the Creature Catalog forums, not sure). Tsathogga, the frog god, we did back in the original Tome of Horrors, now for 5E. http://tomeofhorrors.com/monsters.php?mid=240 -Scott Greene
  14. Grazzt

    2E Is 5e Basically Becoming Pathfinder 2e?

    Yep. We don't use feats in 5e. Never been an issue with old or new players. Chapter in the PHB with feats even mentions in the opening paragraph your DM decides if they are available or not. Players should have no expectations in 5e that all OPTIONAL rules are automatically in play.
  15. Grazzt

    4E Thing I thought 4e did better: Monsters

    That one attack per fighter level wouldn't apply to 1e orcs. They had 1 HD. The fighter ability only applied to creatures with less than 1 HD (e.g., kobolds).
  16. Grazzt

    4E Thing I thought 4e did better: Monsters

    True. A 12th-level magic-user only got like four 3rd-level spells in 1e. Fireball was obviously one of them since it's mentioned in the article. And if that group is like every other group I played with or DM'd in 1e and about every edition since, lightning bolt is another spell that m-u...
  17. Grazzt

    4E Thing I thought 4e did better: Monsters

    Cloudkill might've worked to take out some of them,depending how how spread out or not they were. But the M-U would have to be careful with that spell. Depending on his positioning, if he caught any party members in the cloud, they'd have to make a saving throw or die (since it says the party...
  18. Grazzt

    4E Thing I thought 4e did better: Monsters

    Tucker's kobolds approve of this. (Link in case any one doesn't know the epicness of said kobolds.... http://www.tuckerskobolds.com/ )
  19. Grazzt

    UA Unearthed Arcana: Druid Circles And Wild Shape

    Rather than introduce a new mechanic like "1d4 rounds", why not just use the Recharge mechanic? Does, basically the same thing.
  20. Grazzt

    5E Damaging Armor

    Ideas for damaging armor and shields? I know the PHB says DM can set AC and hit points for them, but rather than do that, I'd like to come up with something else. A game I'll be running, the PCs run across at least one leucrotta. Already converted it, and trying to find the best way to do it's...