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  1. pedr

    General 40 Million People Have Played D&D [UPDATED!]

    I like the release of actual sales figures for the Starter Set. 126,000 in North America in 2014 (from the July release); 306,000 in North America in 2018. I wonder what we can extrapolate from that!
  2. pedr

    Posts since last visit?

    Is there a possibility of a plug-in to display posts made since a previous visit? It's a feature I use quite a lot on other sites. With the high traffic here, one which allowed each user to choose which sub-forums' posts to display would be even better, if such a thing is available. Thanks!
  3. pedr

    Living Forgotten Realms Adventures

    There've been various threads here over the years where I've explained the hoops which you used to have to jump through to get involved with various WotC organised play programmes. Fortunately, it's now become a great deal easier to access Living Forgotten Realms adventures. With some very...
  4. pedr

    Mention vs email addresses

    Is there a way to prevent the forums from interpreting the @ sign as a mention, so that I can put an email address in a post? As there appears to be a user called 'Wizard', the WotC email addresses seem get converted to a mention, which isn't terribly useful!
  5. pedr

    OotS 646: ... And It Feels So Good

    Link: Giant In the Playground Games
  6. pedr

    4E DM's screen: anyone got it?

    I've got the DM's screen on pre-order from Amazon.co.uk which appears once again to be having problems getting hold of D&D stuff. I'm in no hurry to get it so will probably just wait patiently for them to get their problems ironed out, but yesterday's DMG update gave me pause: can anyone here...
  7. pedr

    KotS - how long?

    Quick question - can anyone estimate roughly how long it's likely to take to play through Keep on the Shadowfell?
  8. pedr


    Is there a reason that 'All times are GMT +1'? I've set my settings to GMT and auto-detect daylight savings so unless I've missed six weeks and it's past the 25th of March, I'd have thought that it ought to display as GMT +0? It's not a huge problem, of course, I can always remember that...
  9. pedr

    Has anyone had new characters roleplay their childhoods?

    Hello all - first post actually though I've been lurking since GenCon Indy when I heard about this place properly. Here's my query: I'm planning on starting a new (3.5e) campaign with 1st level characters. The plan is that they are pretty ignorant of the world (I'm probably setting it somewhere...