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  1. Marc Radle

    5E [Kobold Press] Scarlet Citadel Kickstarter

    From the kobolds who brought you Empire of the Ghouls, Deep Magic, Creature Codex, Tome of Beasts, and Tome of Beasts 2 comes a brand-new dungeon-delving adventure, Scarlet Citadel for 5th Edition, now on Kickstarter! Written by tabletop RPG luminary Steve Winter, Scarlet Citadel includes a...
  2. Marc Radle

    General [Kobold Press] A Kobold Comes Home: Industry veteran Amanda Hamon

    Welcome back Industry veteran Amanda Hamon !!! Kobold Press welcomes Amanda Hamon as the new Editorial Director for Kobold Press. Amanda is an ENnie Award–winning tabletop game writer, designer, developer, and editor. For the past five years, she's held a variety of roles at Paizo, publisher...
  3. Marc Radle

    5E Tome of Beasts 2

    Wanted to be sure folks who mainly only frequent the D&D 5E forum didn't miss out on this! Tome of Beasts 2 From the creators of the original Tome of Beasts! Kobold Press is wrangling a new horde of wildly original, often lethal, and highly entertaining 5E-compatible monsters to challenge new...
  4. Marc Radle

    Kickstarter Tome of Beasts 2 Kickstarter Launched! D&D 5E

    Kobold Press' latest Kickstarter is here - Tome of Beasts II with 400 new 5E monsters. It funded in an hour and is rocketing through stretch goals! Expand Your Game with New Demons & Dragons! From the creators of the original Tome of Beasts! Kobold Press is wrangling a new horde of wildly...
  5. Marc Radle

    PF1E [Kobold Press] NEW PATHS COMPENDIUM kickstarter!

    Hey everyone! Kobold Press just launched a new kickstarter for the newly revised, updated, and vastly expanded, full-color HARDCOVER version of the New Paths Compendium for the Pathfinder RPG! It features all the best classes, spells, feats, magic items, and archetypes from the original book...
  6. Marc Radle

    Vintage dragon magazines for sale

    Hi everyone! As some of you might know, I have been working toward collecting the entire run of Dragon magazine for a long time but now I need to liquidate my entire collection, so these issues need to go to a good home! I have many of my earliest issues available. Check out the link...