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  1. Odysseus

    5E Tweaks to 5E for specific play purposes

    How about you give hordes a very low dex.(Hordes can't dodge) Which would reduce AC to the point where you can't miss. And give them damage vulnerability to melee attacks and area attacks. And then different type of attack depending on if the HP total. While above half they get an trample...
  2. Odysseus

    5E Tweaks to 5E for specific play purposes

    The stuff I've tried. Short rests five mins,no more than 2 per long. Long rest 1 hour, no more than 1 per 24 hours. Speeds up healing/gameplay without giving to much to classes than regain alot from short rests. As PCs get to higher levels they are all trying to find periapt of wound closure...
  3. Odysseus

    Level Up (A5E) Do you want more monster complexity?

    I'd love to see some sort of template system to add stuff to monsters. A way to turn a vanilla creature into a brute , skirmisher,artillery etc
  4. Odysseus

    5E Do you play without Critical Hits?

    we use crits, with crit deck cards. A few years a go I spent some time looking into what my players like the most and/or found most memorable about my games. And discovered random events are pretty popular. Since then I've been trying to embrace more random things. And if the combat is more...
  5. Odysseus

    5E Who Should Be my BBEG?

    How about throwing all or most of them at the party early on .See which ones the party dislikes the most, and use that fraction.
  6. Odysseus

    General At what level(s) do you start your D&D campaigns?

    I typically run two types of campaign. 1. We start at 1st level and go till we want to change. 2. Campaign with a set goal, which typically is shorter and starts mostly at a level above 1st.
  7. Odysseus

    ZEITGEIST General tips for running Zeitgeist?

    To get the most out of the campaign the party should be Constables. However being a cop isn't like being a normal PC. So try and get the players into Constable/investigators mode as soon as you can. Especially as there some great investigation adventures. Take a lot of notes about what happens...
  8. Odysseus

    5E Frustrated with 5E magic items

    So far I haven't settled on an approach. I've tried finding/giving out a lot less money. Letting them buy whatever using sane magic prices. And I've tried a level tax. And I'm not really satisfied with any of those. So I'm probably headed towards a 3rd ed approach.
  9. Odysseus

    Upstate New York. Looking for 5E DnD players

    We are starting up playing our 5E DnD game post virus and we are looking for one or two players. I'm about 30 minutes south of Albany. We play twice a month either Fridays or Saturday evenings. If your interested get in touch.either PM message me or leave a post. Thanks, Simon
  10. Odysseus

    General Accents

    Scot,Irish,cockney,Georgia,Italian,Mexican,Russian,French, and Aussie. I tend to try and do impression rather than accents. So my Scot is just a bad Billy Connolly .
  11. Odysseus

    Structuring a Quest Based Sandbox

    where i've done this I don't really structure it. I keep 3 or 4 vague quests ready at any one time , and constantly throw chum in the water for the players to follow. And just make up everything up as I go.
  12. Odysseus

    5E Struggling adjust encounter level

    I would go with dropping the mage,archer and a knight. Which would give you a total CR 16 ,which is a tough encounter. And still give you 5 monsters. Looking at the style of problem your dealing with , try reskining a lower CR monster to replace the ones your using. Change the knights to...
  13. Odysseus

    5E Struggling adjust encounter level

    I believe Michael Shea had an article about this subject on his site, which may help. My advice don't worry to much about small adjustment to AC ,HP etc. Try and get the total CR of the monsters in a range that works for you and your players. With 3 PC of level 5. I'd be looking for a total...
  14. Odysseus

    General DM Pause?

    About once every five years. And it never lasts long, before I want to start running something.
  15. Odysseus

    General Non-European Campaigns?

    I've Dm'd a few Egypt themed campaigns, and Conan. And played in one with Romans. Generally players, especially my current group as you said don't get the vibe. The problem seems to be with technology and social issues. I could probably make it work better if I make the setting my modern.
  16. Odysseus

    5E How many rounds do most of your combats last?

    When I first started running 5e they were all 2-3 rounds. But as I've grown more experienced with the rules and tactics they vary from 2 to 10 rounds depending on the difficulty.
  17. Odysseus

    5E Advice on Setting Creation

    I think from a practical point of view. Start with the short core concept. what you tell the players about the world they are in. And then things they will ask or need to know when they start making characters.
  18. Odysseus

    5E How do you handle magic item churn in 5E?

    My solution was to have the PC spend gold to level up. So they are constantly trying to sell the magic items so they can level up.
  19. Odysseus

    General What goes in your DM binder?

    maps. random names. a quick reference sheet. Which is mostly for conditions. Price list of potions. Monster cards,I use the inkwell cards.