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  1. thalmin

    5E Monster Menagerie II Clue for Next Adventure?

    The Case Incentive for Monster Menagerie I (release date Jan 30) includes Ezmerelda's Wagon. http://wizkids.com/dd-icons-of-the-realms-monster-menagerie-ii/ Does this mean hint that the next adventure returns us to Ravenloft?
  2. thalmin

    UA New Barbarian Primal Paths in November 7th Unearthed Arcana

    The new paths are Path of the Ancestral Guardian Path of the Storm Herald Path of the Zealot
  3. thalmin

    5E Storm King's Thunder Miniatures

    I bought a case of the new miniatures set, and was pleasantly surprised by what is included. First off, all of the giants are huge (except the large Fomorian and the gargantuan Chief Guh). Second, while the set numbers 45 pieces (plus the usual invisible versions of 8 figures) there are both A...
  4. thalmin

    5E Curse of Strahd Tarokka Deck

    The new Curse of Strahd Tarokka Decks are now available (in the US). We just received ours today, so check your FLGS.
  5. thalmin

    5E Where did the threads go? FIXED

    So where are all the 5e threads that are not optimizations or house rules go? EDIT: Problem resolved
  6. thalmin

    WotC/WizKids D&D Miniatures: Difficulties Reading the Bases

    OK. I know I can't be the only one having trouble reading the miniature info molded into the bottoms of the bases for the Icons of the Realms. Even under excellent lighting and using a magnifying glass, some names and numbers are really hard to make out. Particularly the smalls with long names...
  7. thalmin

    5E Spell Cards are back!

    The Gale Force Nine Spell Cards are back in production and have started showing up in stores!
  8. thalmin

    5E Icons of the Realms Set 3: Rage of Demons

    I opened a case of Rage of Demons, and got nearly a complete set. Here is a list: 1 Derro [s] x3 2 Dretch Demon [s] x5 3 Kobold Guard [s] x6 4 Goblin Archer [s] x4 5 Quasit [s] x4 6 Cockatrice [s] x4 7 Duergar Fighter [m] x5 8 Shield Dwarf Wizard [m] x4 9 Kuo-Toa [m] x4 10 Grimlock [m] x5 11...
  9. thalmin

    5E D&D Spellbook Cards are Back

    The revised Spellbook Cards are finally heading back to the stores. We just got ours today.
  10. thalmin

    5E Bahamut Stat Block?

    The MM gives us the 5 chromatic and 5 metallic dragons. Rise of Tiamat gives us Tiamat. The new Icons of the Realms minis give us many dragons including Tiamat and Bahamut. But I can't fing any 5E info about Bahamut. Am I just missing something?
  11. thalmin

    5E Bahamut and Tiamat Minis Released

    The gargantuan Bahamut and Tiamat miniatures were released today. These are the D&D Icons of the Realms figures licensed to Wizkids. While the color of the platinum dragon doesn't look right, the sculpt is very dynamic.
  12. thalmin

    5E Tyranny of Dragons 5E DM Screen

    I missed posting this earlier as I was at a convention (Gamehole Con), but on Friday Nov 7 we received the Gale Force 9 Tyranny of Dragons DM Screnn for 5E. It is a 4-panel landscape screen. 1 panel has conditions, 1 panel has some random charts keyed for specific encounters/episodes of the...
  13. thalmin

    5E New D&D Basic Rules DM v0.2 and Cantrip Scrolls

    Page 60 gives some new rules for scrolls. If the scroll spell is not on your class spell list, the scroll list. There are Cantrip scrolls Wizards can copy scroll spells into their spellbooks Therefore, it seems wizards might be able to learn new cantrips from scrolls.
  14. thalmin

    5E Monster Manual Disclaimer

    Just noticed the disclaimer in the Monster Manual.
  15. thalmin

    5E Printer Errors in Some Monster Manuals

    We were notified by WotC today that some of the Monster Manuals have a printers error that caused smudging on pages 140 and 141. They seem to show up in batches, so it looks like there will be some shortages as some stores discover they have many books with the problem.
  16. thalmin

    5E Icons of the Realms Tyranny of Dragons Miniatures

    I picked up a case of the new D&D minis. Here are a few observations: There are 4 figures in a booster. One large, the other 3 might be small, medium, or may include another large. The names and numbers are VERY difficult to read, as they are (mostly) molded on the base bottom in small font...
  17. thalmin

    5E DM Screen in January

    At GenCon I spoke briefly with Chris Lindsay of WotC. I asked him when the Dm Screen is scheduled to come out, and he told me January. If they follow the same pattern as the book releases, that looks like January 20, with WPN Core stores getting it January 9. Please note, January is official...
  18. thalmin

    5E Icons of the Realms Incentive figure revealed: Brass Dragon

    The gargantuan Brass Dragon is the Incentive Figure for the first wave of Icons of the Realms. Corrected! Dragon was mislabeled as Gold at iCV2
  19. thalmin

    5E Legends and Lore July 28: Keeping it Classy

    The new Legends & Lore is up. "Keeping it Classy" talks about class options in the PHB.
  20. thalmin

    Combine two threads?

    On the D&D and Pathfinder forum I started two similar threads, and I realized too late I could have just retitled the first one and added the new info. Could someone merge the Icons of the Realms Bahamat thread into the Icons of the Realms Tiamat thread for me please?