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    Medieval Warfare and its Effects on Society/Economics

    @Bluenose that's pretty much what I had in mind. The idea is that the two kingdoms use to be at war over land rights. They fought many wars along this channel where now stands many war torn buildings. Recently the High Priest of the ruling religion kingdom A had the long killed and disguised it...
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    Medieval Warfare and its Effects on Society/Economics

    So what I largely take away from this, is to just do as I see fit in my world. Since it's not really going to be set to any time period it doesn't really matter how historically accurate I am trying to be. I think I will just settle with what I came up with then. The whole idea that everything...
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    Medieval Warfare and its Effects on Society/Economics

    In what time period would you put the Forgotten Realms in? That's really more or less what my campaign world resembles. I always took the Medieval era to be more in tune with what fantasy worlds represented, but it sounds like it might be more in line with the Middle Ages. Would that be a...
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    Medieval Warfare and its Effects on Society/Economics

    TLDR: Outside of plundering and pillaging, what kind of effects did war have on society and the economy of a kingdom as a whole? Hey everyone I was wanting to pick the minds of others and see if I could get some tips on my setting. I have a world in which a war is brewing between two kingdoms...
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    5E Homebrew Question About Legal Matters

    I am working on a homebrew PDF that I will be handing out to players who join my game. I made a world for a book I wrote long ago, and have decided to change up some of the races to better fit with my world. To set the record straight, I do not plan on publishing this book, I will only be...
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    5E Contracts of the Nefarious Kind

    So I am looking to run a haunted manor type game for my group as a Halloween celebration type of thing. The idea or goal is that the group will hopefully be driven into the manor to seek shelter from a pretty nasty storm. They will find it empty and abandoned for who knows how long, with...
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    5E [Homebrew] Suggested Books for Homebrewing DM

    So I run my own Homebrew based on the 5E rules and I have the PHB, DMG, MM, Volo's Guide, and the Tome of Beasts. Yesterday I was at the comic book shop and found a 4th edition book "Open Grave Secrets to the Undead" and figured that while it is 4E it gives me some ideas of lore and I can always...
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    5E Clarification on Extra Attack and Colossus Slayer

    So during an encounter, my ranger was going to attack a creature that was at max HP. It was asked, since she gets an "extra attack" after the first attack, would colossus slayer apply to the extra attack. As I read it, extra attack lets you take another attack when you take the Attack Action...
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    5E Cantrips and Components

    Already answered.