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  1. Eis

    Heroes' Feast: A Cookbook & DM's Resource

    is the dragon being who is eating a drumstick sitting on the armored man's lap?
  2. Eis

    General How Was Your Last Session?

    Thursday night we completed Tomb of Horrors, it ended officially with our party naked and unable to access the deeper parts of the Tomb so officially over. Our DM then graciously allowed us to play on to see the end game of the Tomb since we were very close before we got teleported outside sans...
  3. Eis

    5E The Dead Milkmen's D&D Adventure: Lost Tomb of the Bitchin' Chimera

    or Mojo Nixon? because if you don't got Mojo Nixon then your module could use some fixin'
  4. Eis

    RIP Jim Holloway

    yeah his name always brought images of Paranoia to my head, I loved that artwork so much, it totally captured the game for me RIP
  5. Eis

    5E 5e Triple Move- Way? Or No Way?

    right, your movement per round is your speed, not speed as a game term but speed as an amount of distance per unit of time
  6. Eis

    5E Flexible Spells

    oooh I like combining spells.....firewebball or chromatic wall of message.....I can probably come up will all kinds of good stuff
  7. Eis

    5E 5e Triple Move- Way? Or No Way?

    its still all happening in 6 seconds though, your speed is definitely increased
  8. Eis

    5E 5e Triple Move- Way? Or No Way?

    Whyyyyy did you have to remind me that I totally forgot the hobgoblin martial advantage on Tuesday when I was DM'ing? It might have really changed things! 😭
  9. Eis

    General Do Your Human Characters Match Your Ethnicity (etc)?

    I kind of just think of a cool concept and go with it I guess. I'm playing a dwarven samurai in a 3.5 game, a human storm sorcerer in a Tomb of Horrors short campaign, a half elf bard in our Ravnica campaign. I generally think of what class I want to play and then leaf through the races until...
  10. Eis

    5E Is Icewind Dale: Rime of the Frostmaiden the New D&D Adventure?

    I don't know about you but among my group this new adventure has had a chilly reception
  11. Eis

    5E WotC Confirms Horror-themed Icewind Dale: Rime of the Frostmaiden

    yeah that's what I thought and I couldn't think of any that they did but the Beadles and Grimm picture showed the kobold statblock directly as it is in the Monster Manual maybe I am missing something? ahhhh it might simply be an advertising pic showing a page from another product ala the map...
  12. Eis

    5E WotC Confirms Horror-themed Icewind Dale: Rime of the Frostmaiden

    yeah I wonder how many stat blocks are like the kobold one shown in the Beadle and Grimm pic...just reprinted monster manual blocks
  13. Eis

    5E Golden Sun Djinn in 5E?

    why can't they be basically a magic item? on first reading through your description of them I immediately thought Ioun stones, granting a stat boost but then activating them for a burst of elemental damage or what have you, then you would just have to work out rules for how they synch when you...
  14. Eis

    General How Was Your Last Session?

    well....I am happy to announce that we are no longer naked at the bottom of a 100 foot pit.....so it went pretty well I think
  15. Eis

    General Spider-Man: Homecoming Writers Talk D&D Movie

    none? without any comedy the movie is pretty unlikely to be a hit with a broader audience.....in my opinion
  16. Eis

    General Spider-Man: Homecoming Writers Talk D&D Movie

    wait I skimmed a bunch of this thread but I saw a few people mention Modern English......are they, like, still around? And even if they are do you really think they could do a good soundtrack for a Dungeons and Dragons movie? I mean, I like "I'll Melt with You" a lot but jeez
  17. Eis

    5E Epic Monsters: Joe Magarac

    Joe Magarac's face in the initial picture makes him look a little like a Pittsburgh Alfred E Newman
  18. Eis

    5E Epic Monsters: Joe Magarac

    No not far! Bellefonte area here!
  19. Eis

    5E How many rounds do most of your combats last?

    I do not know how many rounds our typical combats last but I suspect it is similar to most here of course. But...in one session we had early this year we fought a battle that started at the beginning of our night and lasted the entire session! It wasn't even a decisive victory either way, the...
  20. Eis

    5E Epic Monsters: Joe Magarac

    I like this guy waaaaaay better than Steely McBeam! Get the Steelers on the line! Being from central Pennsylvania its pretty cool seeing a Hunky legend here. Never heard of him so you've sent me a'googlin