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  1. Raduin711

    Thoughts on Vampire: The Masquerade 5th edition?

    I know we have a few White Wolf people on this forum, but the games mostly only get brought up in passing. I am curious what people's reactions have been to 5th edition Vampire and what you think about the possibility of Werewolf and Mage 5th edition.
  2. Raduin711

    ProFantasy is doing a Humble Bundle

    https://www.humblebundle.com/software/maps-extravaganza-software Charity is Doctors Without Borders.
  3. Raduin711

    5E Warlock trading hit dice/hit points for spell slots?

    So, thematically, the Warlock is a caster who has made some kind of bargain for their magic. But the "cost" aspect of the class is mostly left to the DM to decide and act on, or not act on. Maybe your patron asks you to do little side quests or something, which is fine, but there isn't any...
  4. Raduin711

    5E Using Languages like Tools

    So I had this idea on the way home from D&D tonight. In D&D, languages for the most part aren't terribly useful. Your GM might give you a hand out that's in Dwarvish or Abyssal or something like that, and either A) one of your characters speaks it, so the GM hands over the translation, or B) you...
  5. Raduin711

    Superheroes campaign idea... too complex?

    So I had this idea for a superheroes game a while back and I was recently reminded of it. I kind of worry that it's a little too high-concept/complex/weird, but maybe you guys would have different thoughts. Basically the idea for the campaign is that there is a fictional comic book company and...
  6. Raduin711

    If Shadowrun got the reboot treatment, what sacred cows (mechanics/setting) would you put up for slaughter?

    Shadowrun has never done a proper reboot since its creation and while that is admirable, I feel like SR is dragging a lot of baggage behind it. There are aspects of the game that don't really serve the game very well as a whole. Some of my sticking points are: Balkanization. The game kind of...
  7. Raduin711

    5E Gods of Mythology, many campaign settings, in the appendix!

    This, to me, is amazing. So happy.
  8. Raduin711

    Thoughts on the Sci-Fi Supplement thoughts?

    I haven't been able to find many reviews of it that get into the meat of the supplement. What do you guys think?
  9. Raduin711

    What are your guy's thoughts on Alternity?

    It's looking to be my turn to GM our group, and I have had the Alternity PHB for ages, and something about it kind of fascinates me. Any thoughts or recommendations?
  10. Raduin711

    Endgame spellcaster disparity

    I think it is pretty much agreed that once you get to the last 5 levels or so arcane spellcasters tend to overwhelm the game. I have only taken one spellcaster to 20th level, who was an abjurer in our eberron campaign. But I was thinking... what if you took 7th, 8th, and 9th level sor/wiz...
  11. Raduin711

    Scaling the Complete Psychic's Handbook...

    One of my favorite products from Green Ronin was the Complete Psychic's handbook. I have never been completely satisfied with 3rd edition psionics- it just doesn't feel right. Psychic powers should feel like the next step in the evolution of mankind, not like a new and improved magic system...
  12. Raduin711

    4E Thoughts on a 4e Spelljammer

    Ok, just to clarify I am not a long time fan of spelljammer, and only recently bought the PDF from RPGnow. I thought I would jot down some of my thoughts on a conversion... -Ship Combat as a Skill Challenge? Now I like the idea of the party working together to run their very own ship...
  13. Raduin711

    Rogue: 6 skills or 10?

    I brought this up in the two roguezilla threads, but I thought this issue deserved its own thread. In the above article, does it say that the rogue recieves a total of 6 skills (Stealth, Thievery, plus four skills from the class skills list) or does it say they recieve 10? (Stealth, Thievery...
  14. Raduin711

    Fey power source

    So Shadow will be a power source, eventually, and presumably this means that characters draw power from the energies of that plane... So what about the Feywild? Could energies be drawn from that plane, and for what purpose? I don't know what has been definitively said about the primal power...
  15. Raduin711

    D&D Logo: Opinions?

    So what do you think of it?
  16. Raduin711

    So... is anyone else coming around?

    So I was kind of irritated with Eladrin, Tieflings and Dragonborn in the PHB and my beloved Gnomes being pushed aside. The possibility that some classes will be abandoned for new, shiny classes like Warlock and Warlord. And I would still like to see everything that was in the 3.X phb appear in...
  17. Raduin711

    As Editions progress, are homebrews...

    I was just wondering... as editions progress, are you finding it more difficult to create your own settings and forge your own path, or have the new editions been making it easier to come up with your own content?
  18. Raduin711

    Necromancer Optional Rule?

    If a Wizard specializing in necromancy gave up their familiar, their bonus feats, and their bonus necromancy slot, and in exchange got the ability to rebuke undead as a cleric 3 levels lower... would this be balanced? Underpowered? would this be a better/worse/equal build to the Necro/Cleric...
  19. Raduin711

    Dodge Feat Clarification Please?

    This seems like a pretty dumb question, but... My question is in regards to how to interpret the boldfaced statement... In previous campaigns, my dm has interpreted this to mean "you can select a new opponent any time anybody takes an action" (because it doesn't specify whose action) which...
  20. Raduin711

    A Warlock-Like Psionicist

    I was kind of wondering if anyone had looked into this, or worked on this? I was thinking of adapting the Warlock to be a bit more like a psionicist (his at-will powers have a more psychic feel to them rather than a dark magical feel). Perhaps by giving him powers like telepathy, ego whip, id...