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  1. Crimson Longinus

    5E Help me build alternative injury/death rules

    So these rules have several goals. First, I want to make a real injury that cannot be just shrugged of a possibility (if somewhat remote one) and secondly, I want to make death less likely. I also want to tie the likelihood of the death and injury to the power of the attack, but that is less...
  2. Crimson Longinus

    5E Simple Dex Barbarian Hack, Please Evaluate

    So in the racial ASI thread (no more about that here) I said that it would be nice if there was better rule support for dexterity primary barbarians. So how would this work: You can add your rage damage bonus to Dex based attacks and use reckless attack with Dex based attacks. BUT Your rage...
  3. Crimson Longinus

    5E Armour house rules for a low-tech setting. Do these seriously break anything?

    So I've been working on this setting where the most advanced civilisations are on early bronze age tech-level and a lot of the world is basically at the late stone age. So reflect this I want to make armour less necessary, but still not remove it completely. The basic idea is lessen the AC...