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  1. Razjah

    Looking for a tabletop RPG to capture a certain 'grim Slavic' vibe

    Burning Wheel, especially if you use the Codex for corruption or other magic. Magic takes time, taxes you, research is hard and long, combat is deadly. Using the Dresden Files RPG with some core tweaks can work great. Changing the setting impacts very little mechanically. Lower the thresholds...
  2. Razjah

    Structuring a Quest Based Sandbox

    Have you seen Matt Colville's advice on sandboxing? The biggest thing I have done in past games set up like this is to apply pressure. Let player know there are consequences. The faun may take the daughter into the feywild and if she eats there, she will remained trapped by the faerie courts...
  3. Razjah

    5E Experiences with a PC garrote weapon?

    So your player wants to be able to use a garrote to dispatch enemies, correct? Is there anything else they want to do with this weapon? It isn't something you can easily use in a cinematic/heroic D&D fight. If the player wants a means to silently remove an enemy, why not just tie it to the...
  4. Razjah

    Low Fantasy - Best Systems?

    A few people have mentioned some of the ones I would recommend: Burning Wheel Shadow of the Demon Lord Forbidden Lands Savage Worlds E6 Style D&D/PF Romance of the Perilous Land is very Authurian but would probably do what you are looking for as well.
  5. Razjah

    Sharing Information

    I have seen it happen a lot. If the group is cool with secrets, then go about the secret keeping (detailed notes help). But it should be part of your group's social contract and it's worth taking a moment to discuss. The GM taking aside a player can then be a really dramatic and memorable...
  6. Razjah

    What do you want to do better as a GM?

    Sorry the holidays were exhausting at work. Forbidden Lands is an rpg by Free League. They made Mutant Year Zero, Tale from the Loop, the new Alien RPG. Forbidden Lands is a survival fantasy game, where the PCs are striving into wilderness to find treasure and eventually build their own...
  7. Razjah

    What do you want to do better as a GM?

    I need to have them roll for circles more to help with this. But the NPC problem came up in Forbidden Lands too. I'm not sure if it's chop busting or me being worse than I thought.
  8. Razjah

    What do you want to do better as a GM?

    I want to get better at a few things: -Foreshadowing. I just want to improve at foreshadowing things which can help set mood better, drop hints, and add more mystery. -Having more likable NPCs, my players seem to find most of my NPCs annoying. If I don't role play their personality then my...
  9. Razjah

    4E The Best Thing from 4E

    Disclosure, I started with 4e. My very first role playing game was 4e right before college. At college I was plunged into 3.5 before learning about loads of available systems and trying to increase my exposure. For me it's these three: 1) Class Roles. I loved the idea of building a coherent...
  10. Razjah

    Breaking Group Habits

    Has anyone had success with changing or breaking group habits for their role playing groups? I'm hoping to be able to run a game soon, but they games I enjoy running are ones that they seem to like, yet they pull back to a "kill, loot, who's next?" mentality. My current group has been together...
  11. Razjah

    3E/3.5 3.5's Legacy

    I think Dungeonscape every time I read it I find something interesting to use as a player or GM. A close second would be Tome of Magic which I find awesome for introducing different magics to a low or no-magic world.
  12. Razjah

    3E/3.5 3.5- Need help making a Vampire lord

    You can drag out the encounter too. The Vampire Lord attacks, retreats, changes form, and flees. Then Vampire Spawn attack. When the party enters the forest near the Vampire's Lair- wolves harass the party. None of the fights has been difficult, just burning some HP and spells. Just using up...
  13. Razjah

    3E/3.5 3.5- Need help making a Vampire lord

    I think just giving class combinations is going about this the wrong way (but Jester Canuck has the best one with Blackguard). What kind of vampire is it? What is your setting like? How are they meeting this vamp- it's lair? Did it hunt them? Are it's minions around? Is this fight going to be...
  14. Razjah

    3E/3.5 3.5- Need help making a Vampire lord

    I would second the Factotum, except it is in the Dungeonscape book. If you go with Complete Warrior, I like the Hexblade for being able to really cause problems. Here is link to an excellent guide for making the Hexblade work. I think it would be a solid way to challenge the party.
  15. Razjah

    3E/3.5 3.5- Need help making a Vampire lord

    Warblade or Swordsage. Warblade is probably best for brutality. Elegance is supposed to be the swordsage's thing. Crusader could work, but for going against a party I don't think it's defensive options will do enough. I would just smash into the party with a warblade and make them cry. Assassin...
  16. Razjah

    3E/3.5 Multiple attacks with a 2-handed weapon? 3 or 3.5

    Oh, yeah, if you want to keep this out of the player's hands. But if having all options available to both the GM and the party is important to the game, then having the party able to analyze the feat and pick it up later is something needed.
  17. Razjah

    3E/3.5 Multiple attacks with a 2-handed weapon? 3 or 3.5

    If you want to avoid the DM Rank issue, why not have the PCs run into the Smasher Gnolls, and let them make a knowledge check. If they succeed, they learn of the technique and how focused it is on sundering. Then the PCs can take the feat if they meet the pre-reqs. Now you move from DM pulling...
  18. Razjah

    3E/3.5 Multiple attacks with a 2-handed weapon? 3 or 3.5

    If this is for a specific region, could you make a difficult to acquire feat? For example, make it racial with pre-reqs being power attack, improved sunder, and weapon focus-falchion (or whatever weapon you want). This would let you get the extra attacks (possible with a penalty), and if you...
  19. Razjah

    Skypirates Campaign- Some Questions

    I will be running a skypirates campaign in the fall. I plan to use this to ask questions about the races and other parts of the game. I am trying to design the setting to be system-agnostic, which will allow me to run it using 4e, Pathfinder, Savage Worlds, or other systems. Currently the game...