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  1. Thanee

    JA's "The Prince's Own" Thanee/Kyra Morrigan Solo/RG

    Kyra Morrigan (original post) Female Human Chameleon 3/Illusionist 3/Arcane Trickster 1 (Favored Class Wizard; +1 Skill Point/Level) CN Medium Humanoid (Human) 19 yrs, 5' 4", 114 lbs, black hair, green eyes, pale complexion Initiative +3; Senses Perception +10 Languages Common, Celestial...
  2. Thanee

    Just a test :)

    This is simply a thread to test the new kickstarter options. Still, would be great, if someone posted a reply here, just so we can see what can be done with your post. :p Bye Thanee
  3. Thanee

    E-Mail Notifications (how to disable?)

    For some reason, I now get E-Mail Notifications (for Quotes and Mentions) since yesterday (didn't get them before; didn't change anything). I looked at settings, but cannot find any options to turn them off. How do you do that? Bye Thanee
  4. Thanee

    permalinks and changing the number of posts per page

    The permalink listed with every post doesn't really work well, because it includes the page number of the thread. If someone posts such a permalink to refer to a post and someone else (who has changed the number of posts per page) wants to use the link, it won't work. While the link to the...
  5. Thanee

    Dice Roller - some observations and requests

    Hiya! Here are some things about the Dice Roller, which might be a good idea to change/implement: The biggest issue is the sorting of the individual rolls, if you make more than one, which go from bottom to top... that is quite confusing IMHO. Can't that order be turned upside down (top being...
  6. Thanee

    Deleting PMs (from inside the PM)

    Could you make it possible to delete a PM while you have it on the screen? The message window has forward, reply (which doesn't seem to have a button graphic BTW) and add dice roll, but not delete. It would be really handy (as it is quite a bit of hassle to get into the PM Overview, select it...
  7. Thanee

    Post Deletion Request

    Post has been deleted. Thank you very much! :) Bye Thanee
  8. Thanee

    [CLOSED] Re-Recruiting - D&D 3.5 Pool of Radiance

    Time to get some fresh blood into Phlan! My long-running Pool of Radiance campaign (started in 2005) has had quite some player fluctuation over the years (but that's to be expected in PbP, I guess, and the setting is perfect to accomodate for this), and a few slowdowns (some longer breaks on my...
  9. Thanee

    Dragon Age RPG - some House Rules

    Hi there! Recently, I have read through my DA boxed set 1, which has been sitting there for a while already. Looks like a fun, solid game. :) I did, however, notice some quirks in the mechanics, which I would prefer to change. I havn't played the game, yet, so this is purely theoretical...
  10. Thanee

    Dungeon Tiles Master Set - The City

    Just got my box of the second part of the Dungeon Tiles Master Set - The City. They are really cool! Much, much better than the somewhat lackluster first set, The Dungeon. Take a look for yourself! :D And sorry for the flashlight! :o Bye Thanee
  11. Thanee

    WFRP3 - Agile Warriors?

    I'm wondering about this topic, so maybe someone who has more experience playing WFRP3 can answer it. :) There are a few careers, that are basically agile warriors (i.e. the Wardancer), but I wonder how those can actually work? Melee combat requires high Strength in order to excel at it (both...
  12. Thanee

    All Things Zombie - The Boardgame

    Hi! Has anyone played the All Things Zombie boardgame from Lock 'N Load? There are a few infos on boardgamegeek, but not a whole lot yet. All Things Zombie: The Boardgame | Board Game | BoardGameGeek Sounds interesting, though. It can be played fully cooperative, which is a plus for me. It...
  13. Thanee

    [hr] doesn't work anymore

    The hr tag doesn't work anymore. 100 Bye Thanee
  14. Thanee

    PbP forum structure has been reorganized

    As said here, I asked about options to change the forum layout, but didn't really get a useful answer yet (there might still be hope, though ;)). However, I have thought about some possible arrangements, partially based on the comments in the other thread, and so here is a new poll (likely the...
  15. Thanee

    Forums and Subforums - which, where?

    After the forum restructure, I had the thought, that it might be better to put the OOC-forum (Talking the Talk) on top and the IC-forum (Playing the Game) as the subforum. Why? Because new folks coming here will likely post in the first forum, which right now is the IC-forum. Of course...
  16. Thanee

    colored horizontal rule ([hr])?

    The [ hr ] tag creates a horizontal rule, but it is black (on almost black background), which means it is hardly visible at all. It doesn't seem to be possible to give it a color, or am I missing something? Maybe you could give it another default color than black (the standard font color for...
  17. Thanee

    World of Conan - Setting Material?

    We have recently started to play a HERO (3rd/4th edition for now, but we will be ordering a few of the 6th edition books soon) campaign set in the World of Conan. One player has an old GURPS Conan softcover book, which has quite some information. What I'm looking for are suggestions for books /...
  18. Thanee

    Swallow Whole (capacity limits?)

    Is there any limit to how many creatures can be swallowed whole at the same time? Just one? We couldn't find any specifics here. Bye Thanee
  19. Thanee

    Post Deletion Request

    Hiya! Could someone with the power delete this post by Leif (he's a player in my PbP game; you will see that the post can be deleted by its content; was accidentally posted to the wrong thread and already got reposted to the right one)? Thank you! :) Bye Thanee
  20. Thanee

    Eclipse Phase

    Saw the book in the FLGS yesterday, and it looks pretty neat (both physically (similar production quality to SR4A) and content-wise). Does anyone have any experience with this game, yet? :) Bye Thanee