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  1. Olrox17

    Malicious add pop-up while visiting the site

    It happened 3 times today. While visiting the forums on mobile, I got one of those "congratulations! You won something!" ads, with a pop up blocking my entire screen, redirecting me to a scam site if I touched the pop up in any way. Never happened to me on Enworld before, so I thought I'd let...
  2. Olrox17

    5E How good is the healer feat compared to Hit Dice?

    Greetings, I'm going to share this little comparative analysis I've made. I wanted to find out how the healing granted by the healer feat compares to the healing that a party can expect from hit dice expenditure. Assumptions for the sake of the analysis: PC parties are assumed to get 2,5 short...
  3. Olrox17

    5E Class power and Subclass design space: a discussion

    I recently had a long and interesting discussion with my gaming group, about how powerful the basic chassis of 5e classes are, and, as a result, how powerful (and interesting) are 5e subclasses allowed to be. We all agreed on a conclusion, which I'd like to share here, and I'd like to get...
  4. Olrox17

    5E Would you buy a Dark Sun setting book for 5e?

    Simple question. If WotC finally decides to upgrade Dark Sun to 5e, how likely would you be to buy that setting book? For the purpose of this poll, let's assume this book follows the same structure as the other 5e setting books, such as Eberron: a mix of players options (possibly some of them...
  5. Olrox17

    General Who's your villain?

    Villains, you love to hate them. A good villain makes every story more interesting, and the best of them can even overshadow the story's main protagonist and become beloved characters in their own right. Just think of the Joker, Darth Vader, Sephiroth, Piccolo, Revolver Ocelot, the list goes on...
  6. Olrox17

    5E Barbarian Path of the Marauder (homebrew)

    Greetings! I've always found strange that among the many subclasses available to barbarians, none was dedicated to emulate the prowess of our world's historical steppe riders, such as the mongols. Today, I decided to take a stab at the concept. Let me know what you think. Path of the Marauder...
  7. Olrox17

    5E A problem with legendary actions

    I like the concept of legendary actions, and how they allow a legendary monster to better square off against a group of opponents. I do however, dislike how they often end up working in practice. Let's take the most iconic of legendary creatures, the dragon, as an example. In my gaming...
  8. Olrox17

    5E HP thresholds and control: a custom system

    EDIT: I’m back after a year of playtesting the threshold system. I’m editing this post with all the changes, fixes and improvements made in the last year. Check the following spoiler block if you wish to read a long explanation of why I embarked on this project. You can safely skip it. There...
  9. Olrox17

    Stats for the demon lord Pazuzu

    Inspired by Out of the Abyss and all the powerful demon lords in it, I made a D&D 5e stat block for Pazuzu, master manipulator and corruptor extraordinaire. Any feedback is welcome! Latest version (thanks for the feedback guys!)
  10. Olrox17

    4E Castlevania Monsters for D&D 4e

    Originally posted on the WOTC forums. I'm the original content creator. First Post: