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  1. Sean Patrick Fannon

    Sean's Picks of the Week (1016-1020) - Monical Valentinelli Week!

    This week, I chose another great writer and creator to spotlight, this time the incomparable Monica Valentinelli. Writer, designer, editor, line developer, and advocate for inclusivity and the creation of art across multiple media, Monica is a friend and an inspiration to me. She's also a lot of...
  2. Sean Patrick Fannon

    What Shall Sean Write About?

    I've been asking around elsewhere, but of course, it makes the most sense here to ask: What would folks like to see me write about? We're moving the Pick of the Day back to its original site (I'll still be doing the roundup "Picks of the Week" here), and I know folks would like to see more...
  3. Sean Patrick Fannon

    [DriveThruRPG] The Haiti Relief Mega-Bundle

    This is a message for everyone who has had trouble taking advantage of our special Mega-Bundle that has been set up to support relief efforts in Haiti - ~~~ Good morning, everyone. To put it poetically, the collective hearts of the gaming community far outstrip our poor servers! This has...