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  1. DonTadow

    Pathfinder/Numenera Hybrid

    I realized at Gencon this year that I had become exhausted on the Pathfinder/d20 system. The only time run Pathfinder at Gencon is during the Iron DM tournament, and the process is so labor intensive that I frequently feel that keeping track of all the rules, running clocks and statistics of a...
  2. DonTadow

    ZEITGEIST Players adventure into the Dreaming

    Looking at the official adventure summaries for the next few Zeitgeist adventures, it does not look like the main party will return to the Dreaming "officially" for some time to permanently deal with the Colossus. Ranger, would you mind reading my plot synoposis below and telling me will i have...
  3. DonTadow

    Caudron Born Suggestions (spoilers)

    So my party are in their third adventure of Cauldron Born. The feedback has been very interersting. For hte most part they love it, as usual, for the investigations. They hate the constant switching but I've managed to just reorganize the b-team interludes at either the beginning or end of...
  4. DonTadow

    ZEITGEIST Lorefinder is perfect for Zeitgeist

    I recommend anyone running Zeitgeist to pick up this book. I started reading it a couple months ago and using it in my game and couldn't believe how easy it was to integrate. My players find the mystery solving 10x better when the game is not how they roll but turns into figuring out the right...
  5. DonTadow

    The B Team

    Having not read the adventure yet, is this a set of characters (or 2nd ones) the players can design themselves or is this specific to the game. My party would be interested in this as final fantasy vi is one of our favorite games. What would the specs be.
  6. DonTadow

    Cauldron Born - Paycheck

    How much do the pcs get paid at the beginning. I'd love for them to spend it before we start it.
  7. DonTadow

    NPC under house arrest

    Ack!! I'm not sure if I did something wrong or forgot a detail but my PCs arrested Luc Jierre at the end of Adventure 1. I assumed the house arrest was still going on even throughout adventure 3. HOwever, this looks like Luc should have been released a long time ago. Is that true? Or is there...
  8. DonTadow

    4th Adventure Loot:

    We just finished Digging with Lies, the party has a bunch of adventures to keep them busy, but what is the loot that would be handed out at the beginning of the next adventure. They want to get paid now.
  9. DonTadow

    PF1E Will Paizo be the Good Guy? (humor)

    Is it just me, or are there an absurd amount of us on here talking about how soon we'll leave our pathfinder games for 5e? Isn't this the equivalent of going back to an abusive relationship, even after we lived with the really good guy who bought us a house and painted it the color we want...
  10. DonTadow

    When do you boot a player

    I have a problem player, not fun problem like I"ve had before, but seriously bothering the other players problem. I've talked to him about the behaviors. I experienced the same thing at this game. So I"m wondering, what behaviors warrant booting from a game. I didnt want to retail my story...
  11. DonTadow

    Martial Scientist's Experimental Strike is powerful/vague

    I'm pretty sure, if not for the power gamer at my table, that I would possibly never have noticed the potency of this ability. It feels that this feat needs some specific mechanical rules to avoid abuse. It essentially provides a second backup attack that can be far more beneficial than the...
  12. DonTadow

    Peaceful Discourse: So what have you changed your mind about so far?

    What have you changed your mind on from this 5e fantasy discussion? I find it funny that things I would probably have been set against I have opened my eyes to accepting as either okay or not a bad idea or brilliant over the last 7 days. What about you? What have you had a turn around on?
  13. DonTadow

    Vancian? Why can't we let it go?

    I like things that work. I think we all do. So, what I"m interested in, is not arguments of (well it's always been there, so lets keep it) but why it works better than another option. I can't think of one. I've read other threads, the number 1 answer In my old gruffy man voice "It's...
  14. DonTadow

    Saves Treaty starts with Overhauling Defense

    So, the saves and defense discussion has gotten me thinking. And over the course of a 2 hour boring meeting at work, I figured out something that i think could work for both sides and addressing hte only reason for making a new edition, to get new rpgers into the game. I've said before...
  15. DonTadow

    Crafting - Will they ever get it right?

    I've pretty much thought that most crafting systems in any dnd iteration has been a failure. The time it takes is too cumbersome and the formulas are always a bit too much to get through. I craft in an MMO cause its fairly easy in most. I think FFIV had the right idea in making it a mini...
  16. DonTadow

    PF1E What can 5e Give us that Pathfinder doesn't

    I find it ironic, that the year I decide to return to Enworld (after leaving because of the edition wars), WOTC decides to make 5e. IN any case, I was excited to hear the news. I feel like a had a girlfriend, and she dumped me for a newer hotter guy, and 4 years later she realizes that hotter...
  17. DonTadow

    Kell arrested by RHC for Kidnapping,

    Last night, the RHC members met with Kell to try to get Wolfgang. They estabhlished that, and immediately afterwards arrested Kell for kidnapping. Their star witness is Wolfgang who the party managed to free and are keeping as its star witness. Kell is listed as one of the main players who...
  18. DonTadow

    Telegaming- 5 Locals and a guy from Arizona

    We got a new player for our game last month and she has asked us if her friend can join the game. Her friend lives in Arizona. I told her no, but I'd think about it, I am not even sure how plausible it would be, so I am curious if anyone else has a setup like this or tried this. She...
  19. DonTadow

    DM Intervention

    I was hoping to gain the advice of the RPG world to see how or even if I should approach this issue. Background I have a really good friend who has recently moved back to town. Like me, he is a DM at heart and told me well ahead of his move he wanted to run a game when he got back. Initially...
  20. DonTadow

    Campaign Website: My intepretation

    After a month of preperation, we are preparing the first official session of the campaign this weekend. As I read the many threads, I wonder if I am the only one who placed restrictions on races and classes from my interpretation of the book. Here are my classes...