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  1. Nightfall

    Morgantown, West Virgina - I'm looking for some humans to play RPGs with

    Anyone interested? I mean I suppose if you're not human that's fine too. I just need some ones for a day of Saturday gaming in Morgantown. I prefer afternoon but earlier or later is fine too.
  2. Nightfall

    YAY!!!!!! *dances around* Scarred Lands Kickstarter passed the 50K mark!!! I"M HAPPY!!!!

    :lol::) *cheers* True Rituals man!!! My favorite part of Scarred Lands!!! YESSS!!!
  3. Nightfall

    PF1E IT HAS BEGUN! (AKA Nightfall's promo for a special Kickstarter)

    Yes folks! FINALLY, the SAGE will go home to 5th edition! AND PATHFINDER! :) Just follow this link folks! https://www.kickstarter.com/projects/1861515217/scarred-landsfrpg-setting-in-both-5e-and-pathfinde CHEERSAPPLAUSE
  4. Nightfall

    PF1E Occult Ritual - Turn one Dragon into another!

    So I've been thinking about this for a while...and I want to have the PCs find or else research an occult ritual that will allow them to help turn their soon to be NPC faerie dragon into a true dragon. Firstly, is this feasible, RAW? (using Occult Adventures and the other stuff) Secondly...
  5. Nightfall

    Agents of S.H.I.E.L.D. just released their first 2+ minute promo

    And it was pretty damn awesome. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=oYf7tysI3ak Mostly I want to hear what other say but I'll say this much: YAY!!!! NEW BUS!!!!
  6. Nightfall

    Return of the Unthread! Nightfall returns to the Scarred Lands! Ask the Sage!

    So I decided. I should probably help EN. World by posting about my favorite setting. No, not Dark Sun or Ravenloft. Scarred Lands. :) yes folks ole NF (and I'm getting older it feels) has been thinking and thinking AND thinking about the Scarred Lands since...well since at least last week. ;)...
  7. Nightfall

    PF1E I need some premades folks! - (NF's Idea for running Pathfinder RPG meeting Legend of Hell House)

    Hello all. Been a while I know but now that I have some spare time away from classes, I am starting to SLOWLY think about the future. How far you ask? Well not like 2,000 years or even 20 years. No I'm thinking October 31, 2015. Why that date? Well couple of reasons... One, I'll be finished...
  8. Nightfall

    I want some advice on turning it into a kind of Supers RPG/Marvel's the Eternals kind of deal

    Yes your old friend Nightfall is stumped. Not by the Scarred Lands (I'm sure something will happen there) nor by Pathfinder (I'm really loving my Elf Paladin in Wrath of the Righteous). No I'm stumped because for Free RPG Day, I want to run Numenera but with twist. I want it to be a kind of...
  9. Nightfall

    PF1E NF's experience with Curse of the Crimson Throne; Answer key for life! (not)

    So it's probably been now...gosh 4 years maybe since I started this. I know I ran it just before the Core Rule was published. I had just bought all 6 of the books online. (Mom was mad about that I recall...) Anyway I started out thinking "How much do I want this to be like Scarred Lands?"...
  10. Nightfall

    Hey Fellas!!! Guess who's back in business?!!

    Yep. I'm back folks. Time is on my side. So...whadda I miss?
  11. Nightfall

    Rise of the Unthread! Nightfall's "Ask the Sage!" for Scarred Lands Q&A!

    I could raise up the old thread...but nah. :p ;) So here it is folks. More SL goodness flows out again. I got the time, you got the questions (or maybe just the comments!), and we all go to Scarred Lands together. Yep. *whistles* So no questions huh? How about this? Anyone want to see...
  12. Nightfall

    Farscape Returns!!

    Okay it's only webisodes but by Crom it's good to see my favorite frelling show BACK! :D Here's the link: Farscape and some other show I don't much care for...
  13. Nightfall

    Woot!! WotC renews Dragonlance license!

    Well until January anyway. ;) LINK Some days are good.
  14. Nightfall

    Houston, we have a problem.

    *six* Normally I get instant email notifications. However I've not gotten any. Now considering I can still post normally, I was curious if there was something wrong with the email notification system. Thanks!
  15. Nightfall

    Watched Solid State Society on Sci-fi

    *seven* While the one edit and the way they did the widescreen was annoying, Sci-fi delivered a first rate hit out of the park towards getting a true anime block to compete with AS. While I'm not sure the rest of the upcoming lineup will be that entertaining (Hard to do with Manga...
  16. Nightfall

    Just something I want to clear up.

    *six* I agreed to come back to En World with the understanding of the mods that I limit my postings. I agreed to this BECAUSE I like En World. (Though the constant barrage of 4th edition fears makes me wonder at times.) Now some of you have wondered WHY I'm putting numbers in my posts. It's...
  17. Nightfall

    Races of Ansalon: I have it!

    *five* Or rather the PDF of it. If you want to know more about it, just ask. As it stands, this has something for the DL fans as well as those people that like races in generally. There's plenty of descriptive text about tinker gnomes, kender, humans, goblinoids, minotaurs, elves, dwarves...
  18. Nightfall

    PF1E Pathfinder Setting: Map up!

    Can I say once again how great a cartographer Rob Lazzaretti is? ;) *nine*
  19. Nightfall

    It's back! Nightfall's "Ask the Sage" Scarred Lands Q&A

    You got problems? Want to know Belsameth is wearing this evening? How to find a source? What do with Spell Weavers, Spawn of Kyuss in your Scarred Lands? That's what I'm here for. Nightfall's Scarred Lands Q&A. You ask the questions, I do my best to answer. Hell if I can't I'll make something...
  20. Nightfall

    Any sign of Complete Champion?

    I ordered my copy a couple days ago from Amazon. Still nada.