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    any pathfinder groups in Bakersfield?

    Hello out there I just moved to Bakersfield and I'm looking to either join an existing group or with your help form a new one. Email is the best way to reach me. My email is: sanackranib@msn.com Joe
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    PF1E looking to start up a los angles pathfinder game

    Still need 1-2 more reliable players who can commit to meeting a coople times a month. I will be running the skull & shakles campaign. Yup its the pirates one. Ive heard good things about it so it should be fun. The plan is to game on sundays a couple times a month I can be reached at...
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    Looking to form new So. Cal Group

    Hey guys and gals, a friend Chris and I are looking to form a new gaming group in So. Cal. Im in Azusa and he is in Duarte. the Idea is to have 2 Bi-weekly games going at the same time that may or may not have the same players, that we we can both get a chance to play. we are looking for either...
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    Looking for a L5R rpg in L.A. County

    I'm looking to join up with or form a group to start up a L5R game in Los Angles County CA. on a Bi-weekly Sundays basis since someone emailed me to ask what L5R is I will go ahead and say here that its The Legend of the Five Rings RPG 3rd edition (or even 1st edition) that I am looking to get into
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    4E What will happen to ENWorld when 4E is released?

    Basic D&D is comming back?
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    Scroll Creation Question

    Is there a formulea somewhere for creationg scrolls at a level above the minimum caster level? if so can one of you let me know where and what it is. the specific use for it is to use the level 2 resist energy spell but at 11th level so it will last longer as well as absorb 30 points rather then...
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    Scarred Lands war colleges question

    Does anyone know what the actual in game benifit of attending any one of the war colleges in Darakeene is, I mean besides the obvious they teach certin fears. according to the fighter & barbarians book it takes 9 years to graduate and is expensive to boot. so besides bragging rights ie...
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    Whats the deal with Asherak?

    ok so Ghelspad and Termania continant books are out, but where is the long awaited asherak?
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    creature catalog??? what happened

    do any of you know what happened to the creature catalog? has it been removed or is there a new link. if there is a new link please forward it. thanks
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    4E What I'd Like to See in D&D® 4e

    what I would most like to see is a MANDATORY 5 year period before a concept is even come up with followed by a 5 year EXTENSIVE playtesting of said concept prior to an actual release date. 3.0 had problems - way to many problems - it shouldnt have even been released until they were fixed. now...
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    creature conversions

    a while back I recall a link to a creature conversions site but seem to have lost it somewhere along the way . . . can anyone help me out?
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    SL - Stone Goblins?

    After rereading the ghelspad HC book I realized that there is a referance made to the stone goblins native to the Island of Karria. and looking them up has proven difficult as they are not in CCI or CCII. does anyone know where I can find or have the vital stats on these ellousive little buggers?
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    fighting styles

    do any of you guys use the fighting styles from the quintessential fighter in your game? if so what kind of impact have they made?
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    SL War Colleges question

    Is there any more info on the Ghelspad war colleges - like the specific game benifits that they grant - other then that found in the ghelspad HC book?
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    new greater L.A. CA group forming

    Im looking to form a new roll playing group in the greater L.A. (pasadena) area. what I would like to do is to get several experienced players who have a history of various rpg's and do several games on a regular basis. if 3.5 D&D / L5R / Star Wars / Immortal etc. if any of you L.A/ folks out...
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    have any of you changed the toughness feat?

    I house ruled the toughness feat in my game to 1hp per level, whith the stipulation that it could be only taken once. it has not proved to be unbalanceing and still its not taken as a must have feat. so I'm wondering . . . have any of you DM's out there made similar adjustments?
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    SL provincial boundries for Darakeen & Calista

    does anyone know if SS&S has ever come up with provincial boundries maps for the major Ghelspad powers - speciffically Darakeen and Calista?
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    any new Scarred Lands stuff out there?

    between work and that pesky sasser virus crashing my hard drive :] I have been out of the loop for a while . . . so is there anything new with the Scarred Lands?
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    feat question

    at some time in the past i came accross a feat. i think it was called "man about town" which basically allowed your character to be 'known" in a local area and had a few roll playing benifits if you center your campaign in a town. has anyone else seen this? if so can you tell me where so I can...
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    so whats new inthe scarred lands

    ive been out of touch for a while . . . so im wondering whats new in the Scarred Lands?