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    General Faction Quests

    I play 5e, but have no problem stealing ideas from other editions. I have Waterdeep: Dragon Heist (just for city/faction info), but want a larger variety of faction quests -- both that can be easily adapted to other places and that can work on higher player levels. I looked at DM Guild, but...
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    General Easter and D&D

    Is anybody planning to include any Easter-specific events in their game this weekend? I am thinking about having a bunny (or possibly a kobold wearing bunny ears) deliver a basket of healing potions -- one for each player. Any other ideas?
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    Favorite Tool

    What is your favorite tool to use? Mine is hands down a pill box with the lids removed to help keep my spell slots organized (and protected from excited movements at the table).
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    Tyranny of Dragons

    We are attempting to have a maxxed out campaign. Time will tell if it actually happens -- especially since we just started.