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  1. Stefano Rinaldelli

    Allegory VS Interpretation

    https://www.spectator.co.uk/article/writers-blocked Thanks to Mercurius for the link. https://reason.com/2017/12/28/sensitivity-readers-are-the-new-thought/ https://www.nytimes.com/2017/12/24/books/in-an-era-of-online-outrage-do-sensitivity-readers-result-in-better-books-or-censorship.html If...
  2. Stefano Rinaldelli

    Drive Thru RPG new app won't start

    Hello. I wonder if anybody has the same problem. The NEW (3.0 vers.) of Drivethru RPG doesn't start. You doubleclick on the icon and nothing happens. The application is indeed listed under currently underground processes in Task Manager, but the window simply doesn't pop up. Any idea?
  3. Stefano Rinaldelli

    DDAL Simple CANON question

    Does the Adventure League material considered CANON material? Without exception? Thanks
  4. Stefano Rinaldelli

    General Classic adventure, dragons and knight...

    Hi guys, after many philosophical and ethical post I'm a little bit exaust, so it is better to go on with a very concrete question about gaming: yesterday one of my players express the desire to run a "Classic adventure, dragons and knight..." Starting from the fact that my players are coming...
  5. Stefano Rinaldelli

    5E Curse Of Strahd - Kasimir Velikov and Patrina

    Hi guys. So, my heroes are approaching Amber Temple with the aid of Kasimir joining their forces to reach their goals: for the PC is to find the Holy Symbol and to Kasimir to raise from death his sister Patrina. Now I'd like to ask you: 1) Somebody has developed the stats for Kasimir to use him...
  6. Stefano Rinaldelli

    5E AP vs CS: change in philosophy or marketing strategy?

    Hello everybody. What I want to enlight with this new thread is a precise element of change in D&D's business model. It seem quite clear that publication priority has been given to AP then CS. I'd like to have some question answered: 1. I have a black hole on 4ed period because of my work...