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  1. Dimitri Mazieres

    WotBS Looking for advice on running WotBS 5e

    As the title says, I'm planning on begin running WotBS for 5e (probably in a couple of months), and I would appreciate any advice on what preparations are recommended for it, especially for the first adventure.
  2. Dimitri Mazieres

    5E Published war-themed adventures?

    I always thought that war is an appealing background to set and adventure in. It also would work great to explain why the adventurers are together, be it that they are part of an army (setting an enemy city under siege or defending their own) or an elite platoon carrying over dangerous missions...
  3. Dimitri Mazieres

    Aquelarre to be translated to English

    According to this announcement by Spanish publisher Nosolorol, the "dean of Spanish RPGs", Aquelarre, will be translated to English by Nocturnal Media. Here's the translated announcement:
  4. Dimitri Mazieres

    Dungeon Command - Conversions from DDM/Adventure System games?

    I love the idea of interchangeable game pieces, and even WotC seems to think so, since they included creature cards for using DC minis with the Adventure System games (Castle Ravenloft, and such). Given the huge amount of minis from the previous DDM lines (some reused with DC and the Adventure...
  5. Dimitri Mazieres

    Confrontation: Age of Ragnarok - Miniatures size comparison?

    I've been pondering for quite a while whether buying some of the pre-painted minis from this line would be a good idea. My intention would be to use them alongside D&D minis for RPG purposes, but I can't seem to find any information of how they compare in size with those. Has anyone around here...
  6. Dimitri Mazieres

    Midnight returns?

    (I wasn't sure if this belonged in the general Tabletop forum, so I chose to post it here) I don't know if this means anything, but FFG has added back a page for their excellent Midnight setting on their website. It only has links to their previous pdf products, but they also set up a forum...
  7. Dimitri Mazieres

    3E/3.5 Question regarding tweaked 3.5 classes for a campaign

    Being aware of the power level difference between casters and non-casters, and knowing that there's no true "fix" besides re-building the 3.5 system, I was thinking about a few tweaks to the system to tone casters down a bit for a future campaign, and wondering how much would they impact the...
  8. Dimitri Mazieres

    Opinions on Council of Thieves AP?

    Well, pretty much what it says on the title. I've looked over the AP's description and it sounds pretty interesting. What do the people that have read/run it think of it? And, being a Pathfinder product, I would assume it wouldn't take much effort to port it over 3.5. Is that so?
  9. Dimitri Mazieres

    Landscape format cardboard DM screen?

    Does anyone knows if there was ever a cardboard landscape DM screen produced for 3.5? I really like the landscape format, but the Eberron screen that I have seems a bit flimsy, and I was looking for something like the cardboard screen for 4e, or the Pathfinder screen (but in landscape format).
  10. Dimitri Mazieres

    Seeking comments regarding tweaked base classes (Fighter & Ranger)

    In preparation for a long overdue 3.5 campaign with my old gaming group, I started fiddling with the martial classes to make them more interesting. I'm not trying to "balance" martial and spellcasting classes - it's been been clearly pointed out by many people that have looked long and hard into...
  11. Dimitri Mazieres

    Detect Evil/Good... Metagaming?

    I was thinking about the whole alignment subject, and from there its relation to the game mechanics. There's no question that in D&D alignment plays a bigger part than just a suggestion on how to conduct your character, since there are a lot of spells that derive their effects on this quality...
  12. Dimitri Mazieres

    Questions regarding Downer's finale

    Well, this is not specifically an RPG question, but RPG-related, nonetheless :) I finally got around and bought the Downer: Wandering Monster compilation, so I could read the story from the beginning (I already had all the Dungeon issues that featured the "Fool's Errand" story arc). However...
  13. Dimitri Mazieres

    (Yet another) Try at fixing the Fighter

    After reading through most of the threads already posted that have discussed ways to improve the standard 3.5 Fighter, I thought I might as well give a shot at a custom fix, taking into account what seem to be the most commonly perceived problems with the class, namely, lack of versatility...
  14. Dimitri Mazieres

    Good website for buying PC miniatures?

    I've been considering for some time now getting some miniatures for player characters (never used them before), and would like to ask the more knowledgeable among you where would be the best place online to buy PC usable minis. I've checked a few places and it seems that prices have been going...
  15. Dimitri Mazieres

    PF1E Paizo's Age of Worms pdfs, and hunting for originals

    Since it seems to be quite impossible to find a complete print series of the Age of Worms or Savage Tide adventure paths online (mostly the first issue of each), I'm starting to consider acquiring the pdfs from Paizo. However, I would like to know from those of you who have them how is the...
  16. Dimitri Mazieres

    Published adventures for pre-Red Hand of Doom?

    I am reading through this adventure, and was wondering what published adventures could be used before it, to take PCs to the appropriate level requirement. I was thinking preferably about city-based adventures, so as to attach the PCs to Brindol and the Elsir Vale region. So, which ones have...
  17. Dimitri Mazieres

    Iron Heroes Revised - Print edition?

    Hi! Does anyone knows if there's any way of purchasing a print edition of the revised Iron Heroes rules, by Fiery Dragon Productions? From what I've seen at FDP's site, they only seem to sell the pdf...
  18. Dimitri Mazieres

    Dawnforge errata?

    Does anyone knows if there's somewhere where Dawnforge errata can be found (if it exists)? Searching through the web, I found a reference to some errata being posted on the old pathsoflegend.org fansite, but that one has been down for quite some time, and the FFG site doesn't have anything on it. :(
  19. Dimitri Mazieres

    What's the best fighter/mage class/Prc?

    I've been out of the loop for some time, and I'm not familiarized with all the 3.5 content out there, so I'm turning to you, knowledgeable folk. :) I've always liked the fighter/mage character concept, but it seems that it's somewhat hard to come by a combination of classes in 3.5 to achieve a...
  20. Dimitri Mazieres

    Nightmare Lands Esd Warning!!!

    This is a warning to all of you who are thinking about buying the Nightmare Lands ESD from SVGames. I bought it a couple of days ago, and after downloading the 20+ Mb of the pdf, I opened it only to find that half the boxed set was missing! According to the various reviews I read on the...