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    Best Way to Find New Players

    group events at local game shops
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    How often do you play a differently-gendered character when gaming?

    about 90% of the time I play same gender characters
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    5E Would you buy a Dark Sun setting book for 5e?

    I wouldn't totally rule out purchasing a new setting book. It would, however, take the strong recommendation of gamers that I personally know and trust, as well as the opportunity to peruse their copy, in order to motivate me.
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    5E In your Years of Gaming, How many Psionic Characters did you See played

    I've seen maybe 4 or 5 over the years
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    General How old are you?

    46..started playing in '97
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    5E Next session a character might die. Am I being a jerk?

    If the player is no longer in the game then I would let it go.
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    5E How Big Do You Like To Party?

    usually 06
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    5E Player character lv 10 wizard who is also smart player how to challenge?

    the Balhiir from previous editions was pretty nasty..you'd have to convert it though https://mimir.planewalker.com/050422/balhiir
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    5E What proportion of the population are adventurers?

    IMO, about 1% of the population
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    General What tone do you prefer for D&D?

    My preference is gritty realism
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    Very experienced groups?

    My current group has only been together for about a year. I'd say the individual average is probably about 10 years of gaming experience.
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    5E Starting level

    We always start at level one
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    Help a Gamer Out: Streaming Recommendations for Self Isolation

    introducing my roommate to Game of Thrones...one episode each night
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    General Players Bored

    you can always use an urchin child who 'guides' them around town
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    General How do you explain PC absences when a player has to miss a session?

    Usually the missing character is off doing something related to their background/personal goals/faction mission..etc...
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    5E Have you actually read the 5e DMG?

    I have read it cover to cover, over the course of several months.
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    General How Was Your Last Session?

    We started Ghosts of Saltmarsh. Had three character deaths due to insect swarms, but it was interesting.
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    D&D and the rising pandemic

    My gaming group met on Saturday as usual. The only precautions we took were using hand sanitizer on the way in and preparing food instead of ordering out.
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    5E Have you thrown 88 opponents at your party?

    In 3.5, I once threw an army of 300 low-level skeletons, plus a necromancer, at a group of six 8th-9th level characters. The previous session was intrigue-heavy and I wanted to let the players blow off some steam by annihilating the horde of undead. They had a good time flexing their muscles a bit.