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    PF1E Magic Item Pricing

    ...I'm looking for help pricing a minor magical item. Basically, it's a blank magical ring that becomes attuned to the first cantrip cast upon it. It then lets you cast that cantrip three times per day. Once attuned to a cantrip, it cannot be changed later.
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    PF1E Clerics using Wisdom and Charisma

    ...I have been running a dwarven cleric. I have found my effectiveness limited, however, by the Charisma hit I took during character creation. My Channel Energy ability is weak due to a 'lower' Charisma score. ...Although I am unhappy with a major magical ability being dependent on a second...
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    Posted Replies not Showing in My Activity

    ...The posts/replies that I have made over the last two days do not show under the My Activity tab. Is anybody else having this problem or is it just me? .....update: hmm...it seems to be only one forum that's not showing the activity when I post...RPG General Discussion
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    Top 100 Signs That You Are On A Budget

    ...With holiday expenses coming up, this might be a fun question. 1. You wear clothes longer betwen washes. 2. You recycle grocery bags as garbage bags. 3. You count every square of toilet paper that you use.
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    PF1E Ranger Animal Companion

    Looking for suggestions for an animal companion for a tiefling ranger (archer build).
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    Black Friday

    ..After many years of avoiding Black Friday, I went Christmas shopping today. Sure, I ran into some idiot drivers, but I didn't see the huge crowds or the really spectacular deals that supposedly symbolize the day. Has Black Friday been eclipsed by these week/month-long sales? Or was it just...
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    Thanksgiving Dinner

    For those celebrating, are you planning traditional fare or something unusual?
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    PF1E Ranger/Archer Build

    I am playing in the Kingmaker AP and I have two levels of ranger at the moment. I'm focused on an archer build and I am unsure where to go from here (multi-classing/archetypes/feats). Any suggestions?
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    Stormtrooper Shatner?

    Not an avid fan of the CMA's but this skit was hilarious. http://www.billboard.com/video/cma-awards-2015-william-shatner-goes-undercover-as-star-wars-stormtrooper-6753088
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    The Last Witch Hunter

    Just saw this movie yesterday. IMO, it had a lot of good special effects, but the story seemed a bit muddled. Much of the plot seemed a rehash of other witch/horror movies.
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    Gaming on Halloween

    Looking for ideas. Is anybody planning to run anything special on Halloween for their group?
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    Smart Phone

    Looking to upgrade from a dying old flip phone to a new smart phone but I have no idea what to look for. Any suggestions? or recommendations?
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    Weather in Campaigns

    I am interested in seeing how people deal with the weather in their campaigns. Do you closely keep track of seasonal weather? Do you roll randomly on a weather chart? or do you ignore the weather completely?
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    How challenging should encounters be?

    As a player, how challenging do you like your encounters to be? ...heh, my first poll :cool:
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    Damaging Other Peoples' Property

    ...I washed the car then went grocery shopping today. While shopping, someone put a decent - sized scratch in one of the doors on my car. I drove to the dealer and got some paint to touch it up. Even with the touch-up, it looks lousy. ...I don't know if I was more upset about the scratch...
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    PF1E Back to the basics

    I am playing in a new PF campaign on Saturday and was creating a new character. I soon got tired of looking at all the options out there and went with a simple fighter. Made it straight out of the PHB, except for the traits. Do you ever get the urge to chuck all the 'extra stuff' out there...
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    Happy Holidays to Everyone!!!

    For those celebrating, have a merry Christmas, a happy Hanukkah and a joyous Kwanza! For everyone else, have a nice day!
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    The new Hobbit movie

    I am thinking of going to see it tomorrow. Has anybody seen it yet? Without giving spoilers, can you tell me if it's worth the expense?
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    5E Alternate experience tables

    I am looking to slow down level progression a bit. I was hoping to see alternate advancement tables in the DMG, but have yet to find any. Simply doubling the experience per level seems a bit too simplistic. Does anybody have any table suggestions? Any particular edition? I don't want to...
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    New Spell Cantrip: Minor Elemental Weapon

    Minor Elemental Weapon: Evocation Cantrip Casting Time: 1 action Range: touch Components: V, S Duration: Concentration, up to 10 minutes. A nonmagical weapon you touch is surrounded by a glowing aura. Choose one of the following auras: blue (cold), green (acid), purple (thunder), red...