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    RPG Crowdfunding News – The Wagadu Chronicles, Stargate SG-1 RPG, and more

    I think the original poster is referencing to the Facebook social media stretch goal. This is a 13 episode living campaign for $60. As far as I know, as of now (this post), it is still locked. Edit: fixed a word.
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    What programs do you use when playing on-line?

    We use Discord (voice chat, text for links/pictures/D1-C3 dice-rolling bot) for playing, along with a custom program for the character sheet. That program allows the copy the commands needed to the clipboard, so they can past it into the text channel for the Discord bot.
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    RPG Crowdfunding News – Hellboy, Dark Matter, Wondrous Expeditions, and more

    That was the first thing I looked for. You were not the only one!
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    PF2E Is this a fair review of PF2?

    I think the point being made in the video, as Puffin didn't play the first edition, was reading about the current lore (not knowing it was an AP at the time) and realizing the issue was solved instead of it being a plot hook. I personally understood his reaction, thinking of it from that...
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    3E/3.5 D20 Modern: Edition Experience - Did/Do You Play d20 Modern? How Was/Is it?

    I had voted, "I played it, and remember liking it." When it had come out, I enjoyed it, and wanted to use it for a lot of things (d20 Future especially). As the years go on, my opinion of d20 has...decreased. I still like it for fantasy (D&D 3.5 and Pathfinder), but I feel levels just don't...
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    COVID19 and pirates and a dragon

    Slightly off-topic, but for prosperity: it is Krita for the software package (Kryta is apparently related to guild wars). It is fairly good, but if you are not comfortable with Photoshop, it may be a bare to use. GIMP is another popular, similar, open source, and free alternative as well...
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    Which TTRPG did you play in 2019?

    Pathfinder 1st Edition (GM, Iron gods) D&D 3.5/Pathfinder mashup (DM, Hell's Rebels) One shot of D&D 5th as a player 2X Genesys One Sots (GM)
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    Handling secret doors and other hidden things on a digital gaming surface

    Dual monitoring is the way to go. A program can help a lot (I am partial to Arkenforge, myself). This is how I do it at home for my games.
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    Cubicle 7 No Longer Producing The One Ring and Adventures in Middle Earth

    Well, it is all of them but the Rohan Region Guide. Still an awesome deal! That final PDF can be purchased from DriveThruRPG at this time.
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    Cubicle 7 No Longer Producing The One Ring and Adventures in Middle Earth

    While I can't speak for AiME purchases, I can still download my DC Adventures books, which are no longer available for purchase. So, my guess is that they will not disappear, but that is just a guess. Maybe you want to download them just in case?
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    Recommend me a Battlemap creation tool

    I just checked Arkenforge: You can set the DPI, and can export as an image or a PDF. For the PDF, you can specify the page size. For image exports, there is a DPI option for Roll20. I haven't used these export options much, as I run my games directly from Arkenforge.
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    Recommend me a Battlemap creation tool

    I apologize , I am not near my computer to try (won't me for several hours unfortunately). As memory serves me, it can support printed maps as well with the export function. If nothing else, I do know from memory that the built in assessts are at 256 ppi; exported images should be high enough...
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    Recommend me a Battlemap creation tool

    I would recommend Arkenforge, located at Arkenforge – Map making, Audio and Campaign management – Map making, Audio and Campaign management. You may have already checked this out. It offers a lot of creation options (create maps from scratch or import images), works offline, offers fog of war...
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    Who created this 'Revolutionary RPG Format'?

    My wife and I had the same reaction to this press release: how is it revolutionary to have a larger font to make it easier to read and to reformat it? It's not different than a mobile view and a desktop view for a website... That being said, it is nice to have it reformatted for phones and I...
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    SF New System Reference Docs for Pathfinder & Starfinder

    I misstyped in my comment...oops! Thank you for catching my mistake.
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    SF New System Reference Docs for Pathfinder & Starfinder

    Thanks for posting the news! FYI The links PFRD.info and SFRD.info go to a file:// location. I assume they should go to http://pfrd.ingo and http://sfrd.info
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    Free Would you like a free PDF copy of one of our books?

    Lore of the Gods PFRPG Edition [Pathfinder] Thanks! I'll PM you in a moment!
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    I need GM software for using flatscreen TV as a maptable

    So, the solution I used was to write my own program. It may work for you; if it does, I'll gladly PM you a link to download the zip file (of course, no warranty, it is as is). Below is a description of the program, to see if you are interested; I (obviously) made it for my exact needs/desires...