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    What could possibly go wrong?

    In another thread I've seen some folks advise caution to newer game masters when creating alternative or home-brewed material. Lest they fall victim to poorly conceived mechanics. Of course it is desirable to use the best possible mechanics for whatever you are trying to accomplish. But the...
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    Out of Commision - Now What?

    Discussion is the Best Way to Dispute DM thread got me to thinking about those times when a character is sidelined during a session. So, when your character is killed, shunted off to another plane, turned to stone, or otherwise put out of commission, what do you do for the rest of the session...
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    Community Support Account Notification

    I'm getting a "Your community support account has expired on (blah blah blah)" notification, after having renewed my community support account on May 24th. Thanks
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    Computer Stolen: Way to find it?

    So... My laptop was stolen today... from my house... while I slept in it... Does anyone here know any way that they might be able to be found, assuming that they go online with it, but that it has no special technology or software onboard to aid in such a task? Also, is there any software...