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  1. Curmudjinn

    5E Field Notes: 5e character journals

    Apparently a print shop right down the street from me is doing these now. I'm planning on picking up a pair to see how they work out, but I really like the look of them. https://fieldnotesbrand.com/products/5e-character-journal
  2. Curmudjinn

    Destiny & WOIN?

    I've been looking at some fan rpg creations for the Destiny game and got a little excited thinking about Destiny powered by WOIN. Who else thinks this would be a pretty cool idea for EN Publishing to explore? With Bungie now a separate entity, there might not be a better time for a license...
  3. Curmudjinn

    Fallout wargame BIG TEASER

    Apparently Modiphius, eater of tabletop licenses, has snatched up Fallout as well. Here is a teaser from their website. http://www.modiphius.com/fallout.html
  4. Curmudjinn

    Out Today! BG:EE Siege of Dragonspear

    For those who still enjoy the the old games or are just getting into them, Beamdog's update of the original Baldur's Gate game came out a few years back, called the Enhanced Edition. And today, the huge Siege of Dragonspear expansion to the game was released for most platforms. 25+ hours of...
  5. Curmudjinn

    5E What psionic powers do YOU want to see?

    I'm currently working on a 5th edition project regarding psionic characters and would appreciate community feedback on what each of you would like to see as psionic powers. In their current state, I have a handful of adjustable powers that progress when empowered(and by level), similar to the...
  6. Curmudjinn

    5E What do you think a psychic class should look like in 5e?

    As the title suggests, this is for gathering ideas and opinions on the topic of psychic classes. Should it be just a feat? Should there be a class and a feat that allows minimal psionics, like Magic Initiate? How would you like a psychic class to function? I saw some complaints that psychic...