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    5E Flexible Spells

    In the thread about Cure Wounds vs. Healing Word, I tossed out a proposal that they be combined as one spell, with the following features (slightly tweaked from original): It's touch, one action, heals 1d4 + mod. Also pick two of the three: add 1d4, 30' range, bonus action, add a target. +1d4...
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    5E Looking for inspiration for D&D data projects

    I had fun creating my Rogue Elven Accuracy data visualization, and want another cool project. Any ideas? I can either work with generating data from the rules, or if you know of interesting data sets (I really wish D&DB had an API for extracting usage data) I can work with that.
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    5E Trivantage Simulator

    Thanks to three recent threads (here, here, and here) involving Elven Accuracy, I decided to write a monte carlo simulation to see how it interacts with a few things. I'm especially interested in rogue builds, but I wanted to see what the effects of 1 or 3 level Fighter dips might do. I didn't...
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    Good fantasy reads?

    So, I got a hankering to get a D&D fix by reading something. Over the years I've read some Forgotten Realms novels, but...to be perfectly, brutally honest...they're trash. The writing is so bad it's painful. I just re-openend one of them, one that seems to be highly regarded, and I just wince...
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    5E "Houndmaster" Fighter

    From Wikipedia: When in 1415 Sir Peers Legh was wounded in the Battle of Agincourt, his Mastiff stood over and protected him for many hours through the battle. The Mastiff was later returned to Legh's home and was the foundation of the Lyme Hall Mastiffs. Five centuries later this pedigree...
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    5E How weak is Athlete Feat?

    (Yes, I know all sorts of weak word plays to make on this one.) Ehem. In addition to the +1 Str or Dex, the Feat "Athlete" offers this: When you are prone, standing up uses only 5 feet of your movement. Climbing doesn’t cost you extra movement. You can make a running long jump or a running...
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    General Next Generation VTT

    As much as I like roll20, and think the dynamic lighting and macros are other features are great, it's still....primitive. I keep thinking about what a VTT could look like if a real video game put their minds to it. And maybe...just maybe...an outcome of C19 is that VTTs are getting enough...
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    5E Half (High) Elf Swashbuckler

    All you optimizers probably already either played, or dismissed as unplayable, this combo a while ago, but I'm a bit slow in that department. Anyway, I'm excited to play a High Elf Rogue(Swashbuckler) next. Some details: background: courtier cantrip: booming blade 4th level ASI: elven accuracy...
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    5E The Blind Monk

    First draft. Feedback sought. One major problem/weakness is that ranged attacks from beyond the Blindsight radius have advantage. This is partly compensated for by Deflect Missiles plus a bonus reaction (at 6th level), but of course that has no effect on ranged spell attacks. That flaw...
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    UA UA "Brute" -- Any updates?

    Was there every anything official...or, rather, anything more from WotC...on the "Brute" fighter archetype from UA? https://media.wizards.com/2018/dnd/downloads/UA-3Subclasses0108.pdf I think I'm going to try one, and want to make sure I have the latest.
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    WotC How WotC could help fight the spread of C19

    Release a lot more Unearthed Arcana content, of course! That would make us all want to stay home and create new characters to play on our favorite VTT.
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    Internally logical magic systems?

    I wasn't sure what to title this thread, because I don't know exactly how to describe what I'm looking for. But here's an attempt. It bugs me that so many RPG magic systems...looking at you, D&D...don't have any underlying explanation of what magic is. It's "magic". The only restriction on...
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    5E Nerfing Archery

    I know there are a number of you out there who agree with me that archery is too powerful in 5e. (If you don't agree that's fine; my goal with this isn't to argue the point.). Rather than rein in the damage across the board, I'd like to see its effectiveness vary situationally. Assuming you...
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    General Holiday Adventure Brainstorm

    I'm planning to run a one-off game, over several sessions, with some family over the holidays. Only some of the participants are familiar with D&D. Parameters are: I'm going to hand them all pregens, each with a brief backstory. The game will start with the trope of being prisoners who must...
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    General Campaign Idea

    This isn't the premise for a whole campaign as much as an element, but in another thread there was some discussion about "why don't the high level adventurers that surely exist in this world come and save the day?" So I'm picturing a 1st session in which there's some huge threat, and the PCs...
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    5E Consequences of Failure

    Although I'm a fervent convert to the goal-and-approach way, I'll admit that years of ingrained (calcified?) gaming habits sometimes makes it hard to implement in the heat of the moment. I still occasionally revert to my old DMing habits. "Um....gimme a Perception check?" I'm just the...
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    Prone and Grappled

    How to interpret this? If a creature is grappled its movement is zero. If it is prone it must use half it's movement to stand up. If it is both prone and grappled, does it have to break the grapple to stand up? "Yes" interpretation: until it breaks the grapple it doesn't have any movement...
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    What would be some good metics to evaluate RPG rules/systems?

    When an interesting sounding RPG comes along, I struggle to get a sense of what the rules are like. Reading reviews I get a good sense for the genre and mood, but what I really want to know is where the rules are in terms of complexity and...well, I'm not really sure what the axes are. I think...
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    Pick one game...

    Imagine you get to join a campaign with an awesome GM with tons of experience in the game system being used. Like, maybe the author of the game. (Assuming, for the sake of argument, that said author is also a great GM, which isn't necessarily the case.) What's one game you've never actually...
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    Interesting class synergies

    I had this thought in another thread (the one about "max sustained dpr") but didn't want to derail it. D&D is (usually) a game of cooperation between multiple characters, so I always find those discussions about optimum builds of a single character kind of odd. An interesting intellectual...