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  1. ModernApathy

    [+] Star Trek Discovery (Fan) Thread

    There’s a part of me that hopes Q was responsible for the burn, if only to have him show up at some point. Would love to see how they’d do his costume design in Discovery.
  2. ModernApathy

    General Help me with a nautical Halloween adventure: Becalmed near a ghost ship

    I like the seahag idea posted above, Out of interest, what level are the characters?
  3. ModernApathy

    6E 50th Anniversary: 6E in 2024?

    I think they're more likely to release a bunch of special '50th year edition' covers of books already out than they are to put out a whole new edition based on the games 50th birthday.
  4. ModernApathy

    General How many D&D groups are you currently in?

    I did get up to being in 7 different games at one point this year. Covid's push to online gaming had a big part in this. Last year I didn't play at all. Currently: Thursday nights we alternate between 2 DM's Sunday nights in a different group we were alternating between 3 different DM's...
  5. ModernApathy

    [+] Star Trek Discovery (Fan) Thread

    That opening episode of season 3 might be my favourite season opener of any Star trek series. I'm really excited for where they're going in this season. It was a small detail, but the holographic-parrot alarm-clock at the very start was pretty damn cool.
  6. ModernApathy

    General Dragonlance's Margaret Weis & Tracy Hickman Are Suing WotC for Breach of Contract

    Not sure about the other countries mentioned, but Australia does not have explicit freedom of speech in any constitutional or statutory declaration of rights. (I think there's an exception for political speech)
  7. ModernApathy

    General Naming the Barbarian? [added battlerager]

    I was a big fan of Savage sword of Conan and Conan Saga comics in high school so I voted for Barbarian out of the given choices, but it’s been an interesting discussion. Some other ideas: Nomad Wilding (these both sound like Barbarian combined with Ranger now that I think about it)
  8. ModernApathy

    5E Sell my Party on a Cleric

    In 5E I’ve played 3 clerics, most other classes I’ve only played once Tiefling Tempest domain Fire Genasi Arcana domain Triton War domain others have touched on War and Tempest, but I just wanted to mention Arcana domain, getting magic missile and a couple of wizard cantrips at level 1 goes a...
  9. ModernApathy

    What are you reading this year 2020?

    I posted this in a different thread a few weeks ago, but this is a better place for it. I Just wanted to mention the new Susanna Clarke novel : Piranesi Whilst it's very different to her first novel Jonathan Strange and Mr Norrell, it's a much easier read for one, it's no less interesting or...
  10. ModernApathy

    General The "DM's PC"

    I found this was common when I was getting started back in 2nd Ed I don't really remember what the reason for it was, but given the DMPC often turned out to be a God of some kind, I figured it was more of a safety net for new DM's that need a quick solution to the party getting stuck. I can't...
  11. ModernApathy

    5E 3 Classic Settings Coming To 5E?

    Whilst Spelljammer isn't mentioned the way other settings have been. They're usually talking about how you'd adapt an adventure to various other D&D worlds. Which usually wouldn't make a lot of sense in regards to Spelljammer. BUT, there have been actual spelljammer ships in a couple of the...
  12. ModernApathy

    5E 3 Classic Settings Coming To 5E?

    Another million to one wish list item, But I would love a Dragonlance campaign book that covered both Ansalon and Taladas
  13. ModernApathy

    5E 3 Classic Settings Coming To 5E?

    What would be your other 2 to picks then? Everyone keeps mentioning a combined Planescape - Spelljammer I like the idea of a multiclass setting. :) If that was the case I’d be keen on more Ravenloft as well. Personally, I’ve never met a campaign setting I didn’t like. So I’m pretty easy to...
  14. ModernApathy

    Good fantasy reads?

    Piranesi, the new book from Susanna Clarke came out last week. Not a sequel to Jonathan Strange and Mr Norrell, but a masterpiece, nonetheless. Without going into spoilers... The general idea is of a demiplane that is an endless house full of rooms, the lower floors flood as the ocean tide...
  15. ModernApathy

    5E 3 Classic Settings Coming To 5E?

    A complete stab in the dark, but I'm thinking... Darksun Spelljammer Planescape Maybe that's more a wish list than what I think it will actually be.
  16. ModernApathy

    Worlds of Design: What's in a Name?

    I've never banned a name, but there's been a couple where I wish I'd at least tried to discourage them. Don't call your character 'Chlamydia' and then complain there's a break in immersion every time someone refers to your character by name.
  17. ModernApathy

    5E My Response to the "Monk Sucks" thread

    I'd been meaning to post on one of the various 'Monk' threads for a while. I know this is anecdotal, but I always thought the Monk looked uninteresting on paper in 5E, until I saw someone play one in a campaign I was in, (and this is the anecdotal bit): Our level 6 party were in a fight with a...
  18. ModernApathy

    5E Mythic Odysseys of Theros

    I picked up the book on release as I wanted to get the special edition cover. I haven't really used any of it yet, just browsed through it, but I'm really enjoying what's there. Not sure I'd ever run a Theros set campaign, the idea of limiting choice to 6 races I find a bit too restrictive. But...
  19. ModernApathy

    General Netflix pulls Community's Dungeons & Dragons episode over blackface concerns

    I've read that Dan had to fight for that episode to be made originally, and was told nobody knows what D&D is. It's funny to think that they had a problem with D&D, but not blackface.
  20. ModernApathy

    5E New Statblocks for D&D's Kobolds

    That’s pretty cool. I never knew this idea had been floating around. Now I just need a friend to get an idea to run a goofy one shot or something. Cheers. 😀