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  1. xoth.publishing

    Release [Xoth.Net Publishing] Throne of Gondira, new sword and sorcery adventure module for 5E

    You have heard the wild tales of fabled Gondira, a city built by the sons of giants, with a palace of white marble and gates of beaten gold, now hidden by the jungle and haunted by white apes who walk upright like men. Can you penetrate the steaming jungles of the south to discover the lost...
  2. xoth.publishing

    5E Vision, light and ambush

    Looking for clarification on how to handle the following scenario: Party of four adventurers, fighter in the front carrying a torch (bright light in 20 feet radius, dim light in 20 feet radius) Party enters a dark room via an open archway (no door) Party is not actively looking for danger (no...
  3. xoth.publishing

    5E Why is the Phase Spider listed under "Miscellaneous Creatures" in the MM?

    Is it just me, or does it seem kind of strange that the Phase Spider (which is a Monstrosity) is thrown in with all the "normal beasts" in Appendix A in the 5E MM? It even has an illustration and some flavor text, but did not get its own entry in the main part of the book? True, there are a few...
  4. xoth.publishing

    5E What kind of adventure would you like to run/play? (quick poll)

    Doing some market research by posting a quick poll... what kind of adventure would you (most) like to run or play in? Add comments below if you like!
  5. xoth.publishing

    [Xoth.Net Publishing] The Trials of Ngura, new sword and sorcery adventure module for 5E

    The king is dead. All hail the king! The nomadic cattle-herding tribes of Shoma now meet at the Horns of Ngura to sacrifice gold and choose a new tribal king based on a series of ritual ordeals. Will you sneak into the temple of the Bull-God to steal its treasures, or will you participate as a...
  6. xoth.publishing

    5E Free 60+ page Guide to Sword & Sorcery for 5E D&D

    The Player's Guide to the World of Xoth is a free PDF with more than 60 pages of sword and sorcery material for fifth edition that allows you to play in adventures inspired by the stories of Robert E. Howard and Clark Ashton Smith. Venture in the footsteps of Conan the Cimmerian, Satampra Zeiros...
  7. xoth.publishing

    Announcing the RPG Manager, an online tool for Game Masters

    Hi all Game Masters out there, Today I am excited to tell you about my latest project, which is an online tool for Game Masters such as yourself to manage your campaigns. It is not intended to replace face to face gaming, but rather to be a digital companion to traditional pen and paper gaming...