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    5E Ioun Stone(Reserve) and Warlocks

    If a character with at least 7 Warlock levels comes upon an Ioun Stone(Reserve), are they unable to store spells in it? DMs, do you allow the Warlock to essentially "downgrade" one of their Pact Magic spell slots to a level that would fit in the stone? Or is the Warlock just SOL?
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    5E Monster resistances, immunities & vulnerabilities

    I've seen multiple instances where people have compiled data that looks at the various damage types to see which ones have the most monsters that are resistant, immune & vulnerable. But has anyone actually compiled a spreadsheet of sorts that actually lists all the monsters in the Monster...
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    5E OK, am I just missing something re: crossbow ammunition?

    I don't know if I'm just not seeing something obvious or what, but I'm hoping someone can clear this up for someone who's only recently gotten back into the game. So, a quiver can hold up to 20 arrows for a bow, but I don't think I've ever seen anything about what if any storage is required for...
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    5E Working on a Wood Elf Fighter/Rogue archer, with a likely 15-level cap, looking for suggestions

    First off, as a brand new refugee from the Wizards board, I'm looking forward to seeing what this forum has to offer :) I just recently started playing in a 5e campaign(my first D&D game in over 20 years, woohoo!), and decided to play a Wood Elf specializing in archery. His first level was in...