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  1. J

    WotBS onamdammin's stat block...

    ... seems to be missing from the Complete Campaign book. Running the end of adventure 11 RIGHT NOW and I could have sworn I had at least a rough idea of it, but right now I cannot find it anywhere.
  2. J

    ZEITGEIST Huhoad

    Okay, what the heck is a "huhoad"? I take it it's some sort of extraplanar monster, but that's about it. I ask because one shows up without explanation, as though the reader is supposed to already know what it is, near the beginning of adventure 11 (3.5 version). Even Google doesn't turn up...
  3. J

    WotBS [WotBS 3.5] What is the point of Volley Shot?

    I'm converting over the 3.5 WotBS feats for my (Pathfinder) players, and I just got to Volley Shot and can't work out what possible point there is in its existence. First of all, the flavour text and rules description make no sense together. The flavour text says it lets you make an area...
  4. J

    Into the Feywild: Linky no worky

    Just FYI, the link that's supposed to download the free adventure "Into the Feywild" from the EN5ider Patreon page doesn't currently work. (Perhaps a side-effect of the recent database troubles?) It presently just goes to a completely blank greenish-grey page. I tried this in both Vivaldi and...
  5. J

    [OotS] #1025 - Nice tribute to Wrecan

    http://www.giantitp.com/comics/oots1025.html Well, it gave me feelz, and unlike many here I can't really say I knew Wrecan in any way worth speaking of. Generally liked his stuff, though.
  6. J

    5E Two magic-related rules questions

    A couple things in 5th Edition I strongly suspect my current GM is ruling incorrectly, however, it's also possible that I'm just making assumptions based on how things worked in prior editions that might not be valid any longer in 5E. 1. If a monster has innate spellcasting (example: a drider...
  7. J

    The Two-Roll Rule: A rule for cases where everyone could make a skill roll

    I noticed the thread "A case where the 'can try everything' dogma could be a problem" elsewhere on this forum, and it occurred to me that a rule I've been using for quite some time may solve the issue Li Shenron brings up there. I decided to start a new thread so that this topic doesn't get...
  8. J

    OotS #228 - Go

    The latest Order of the Stick is up. Basically more back-and-forth momentum shifting in the fight with Tarquin and friends.
  9. J


    Morrus says he neglected to turn on comments for this article, and invited me to start one, so I feel a certain responsibility to do so :-). I know that every year, these awards at least somewhat affect my "shopping list" of RPGs, and to a lesser extent games in general, that I want to pick up...
  10. J

    Can't comment on ENNies news story`

    Are you supposed to be able to comment on the front-page story on the ENNies' winners? Because you can't, or at least I can't. There is a link saying "0 comments - be the first to comment!" that suggests you should be able to, but there is no place to actually type a comment on the page it takes...
  11. J

    The FINAL FANTASY INFINITY project - Preview Thread

    NOTE ADDED AUG 2, 2015: If my sig took you here, know that this thread is pretty old. Most of what's in it still applies, but most of the action is at http://philosoraptorgames.com/ now. If you've got comments on anything related to Fantasy Infinity, I'd love to see them over there! I'd put...
  12. J

    The Final Fantasy Infinity project (was: Help me name my game!)

    Hello, ENWorld! I am working on a new RPG, a heroic fantasy game inspired chiefly by the various Final Fantasy games, particularly 1, 4, 5 and 10. It is not a d20 game or otherwise based mechanically on any version of D&D - the core mechanic is a d6-based die pool - and it should, if I'm doing...
  13. J

    Issue wtih text colour on front page

    On the Legacy view, some of the stories on the front page are showing up dark-grey-on-black instead of white-on-black, and are therefore all but unreadable without highlighting them. The affected stories are those from today under the headings Roleplaying Games News, Community News and Other...
  14. J

    Profession (Squid)

    Just a little note to say I love the little humorous bits you can find in a lot of the WotBS stat blocks (at least in the original, 3.5 version). I encourage people to post their favorites here! Or such observations as "OMG, I never noticed most of this stuff was even there!", as appropriate. My...
  15. J

    Odd redirect

    When I first load the ENWorld site, I am occasionally redirected automatically to the URL http://www.enworld.org/forum/profile.php?do=dst, which gives me a blank white page. This has happened twice in as many days, on different computers with different browsers. I have to load the site again...
  16. J

    General Knowledge (OotS #816)

    A new Order of the Stick is up. An exposition-heavy one-and-a-half pager, featuring an uncharacteristically clever Elan. This one will be important later.
  17. J

    Seaquen's political status

    Is Seaquen part of Dassen, or more of an independent city-state? The Player's Guide pretty clearly says the former, but throughout the third adventure they are consistently presented as separate political entities, suggesting the latter. For example, the King of Dassen is said to resent Seaquen...
  18. J

    Search questions

    Is there any way to do a search for all my posts (not just the 200 most recent), or more generally to include more than 200 results in a search and/or only results from a date range I can freely choose? Even the "advanced" search seems pretty limited. I could see restricting these things when...
  19. J

    PF1E Best Paizo adventure path

    I know, a thread meant to be on this topic just started a couple days ago, but well... read it and see (vigorously towels self off). And, that one didn't have a poll. This might be the first of a series, or the only poll of this sort I ever do, depending partly on the reception it gets...
  20. J

    Sell me on the DM's kit (or help justify my decision to ignore it)

    My brother-in-law and I were at a bookstore today and found ourselves looking at Essentials products while waiting for my sister, and I found myself wondering aloud if there was any real point to getting the DM's kit. For a new DM coming off the Red Box I can imagine there would be, but I don't...