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    5E Eldritch Knight spells

    So, last night my EK finally managed to hit level 3. I'm poring over spell selection choices and could really use some advice on where to go (and where not to go). Solid obvious choice for cantrip is true strike. The other, I'm not so sure. Likewise the spell slots, MM and burning hands are...
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    5E Deadly Strike with Weapon Mastery

    A question came up in a recent playtest game. How do you play Weapon Mastery interacting with Deadly Strike? Two interpretations argued at the table were: - Roll an extra die for each damage die and choose the higest from each pair. (For a longsword damage roll 2d8 twice and choose the...
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    Obtaining permanent spell resistance

    After my most recent 3.5 session, we (the group) had a fairly vigorous debate about the 'problems' of spellcasters, notably the almost guaranteed damage they can inflict via area effect spells. During the session we had been on the receiving end of at least 3 different sorcerors/wizards, each...
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    Archer Clerics

    Hi guys 'n' girls. I've been lurking for awhile now and have finally been tempted to post. Why? I've seen a number of references by various people that claim that clerical archers (in 3.5 ed) are remarkably powerful. Having been 'forced' (by bending my rubbery arms...) into taking...